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Shane Foley (Rider) Appeal – Gowran Park 10th August 2022

The Appeals Body (Division 2) Mr. Justice Tony, Mr. Anthony Byrne and Mr. Nick Wachman convened at Naas Racecourse on Sunday 21st August 2022 to consider the appeal of Shane Foley (Rider) against the decision of the Stewards at Gowran Park on 10th August 2022. 

On the day, following the running of the Open Week At Gowran Park Handicap, the Stewards found Mr. Foley, rider of Lord Dudley, in breach of Rule 214 in that he had ridden carelessly and having considered his record in this regard they suspended him for two racedays.

The grounds of appeal lodged by Mr. Foley was that the Stewards on the day erred in their decision.

At the Appeal Hearing, evidence was heard from Mr. Foley and the committee also watched a recording of the race.

In his evidence, Mr. Foley explained that it was his first time to ride the horse and his instructions were to be prominent. He said that his horse had been on the wrong lead leg throughout the duration of the race and his horse was leaning left in the straight. Mr. Foley added that he had his whip in his left hand but his mount still shifted left and that the incident happened over three strides but not as a result of a riding manoeuvre he made. Mr. Foley also stated that One Small Step, ridden by Seamus Heffernan had shifted right at the same time and it may have made the incident look worse than it was.

Having considered the evidence, the Appeals Body found Mr. Foley was in breach of Rule 214 in that he had ridden carelessly and confirmed his suspension of two racedays imposed by the Stewards at Gowran Park.

The case was presented by Mr. Paul Deegan, IHRB Stipendiary Steward

Dates of suspension: 24thst and 25th August

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