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Trainers should note the following amendments to the Rules and Regulations which apply to the declaration of non-runners and reserves with effect from 8th April 2019:

1. The cut off time for declaration of non-runners to the Non-Runner Line remains as at present i.e. 1½ hours before the first race.
2. The new cut off time for the declaration of reserves will be 10am for November, December and January (except Dundalk) and 11am for the rest of the year and for all meetings at Dundalk.
3. You must declare a rider for a reserve if not already declared no later than the cut off time for reserves i.e. 10am or 11am as appropriate. Failure to nominate a rider by this time shall render the declaration of the reserve invalid.
4. You must also declare by the cut off time if a rider expects to carry overweight of 2lbs.
5. You should only declare a reserve if you are intending to run. You do not need to declare a reserve not intending to run. All reserves not declared by the declaration time i.e. 10am or 11am as appropriate will be automatically taken out as non-runners.
6. It will not be permissible for a rider declared on a runner to switch to a reserve if the reserve gets a run unless his original mount is a non-runner.
7. Nomination of a rider in instances where the Trainer failed to nominate a Rider to the Registry Office on a declared runner by the deadline and any winner's penalty must be declared to the Non-Runner line or the Clerk of the Scales not later than 1½ hours before the time fixed for the running of the first race.

(Jack Gilligan (7) )
By Order Of the Stewards30/07/2021 10:04:35
30/07/2021Galway17My Bonny Prince
(Shane Fitzgerald (7) )
Respiratory Infection / Scoped Wrong30/07/2021 10:04:30
30/07/2021Galway116Choir Practice (GB)
(Mark Walsh )
Ground30/07/2021 09:11:18
(Frank Hayes (7) )
Transport Difficulties30/07/2021 14:22:56
30/07/2021Galway118Lucy Van Pelt
(J.J. Slevin )
Coughing30/07/2021 09:09:39
30/07/2021Galway25Mr Moondance
(Cathal Landers )
Stone Bruise30/07/2021 08:45:54
30/07/2021Galway217Good World
(Conor McNamara )
Ground30/07/2021 09:27:55
30/07/2021Galway223Tonkinese (GB)
( )
Automatically Withdrawn
30/07/2021Galway315Wouldn't You Agree
(Mark McDonagh (7) )
Ran Recently30/07/2021 09:27:12
30/07/2021Galway421Walking On Glass
( )
Withdrawn - No Rider Declared30/07/2021 08:50:44
30/07/2021Galway422It Could Be You
( )
Automatically Withdrawn
( )
Reserve non-runner30/07/2021 10:05:14
30/07/2021Galway57Karl Der Grosse (GER)
(Sean O'Keeffe )
Temperature30/07/2021 10:47:28
30/07/2021Galway58Mosstown Miller
(Mark McDonagh (7) )
Ran Yesterday30/07/2021 09:50:35
(Philip Donovan (7) )
Cast In Box30/07/2021 09:42:47
30/07/2021Galway62Jack Hackett
(Paul Cawley (7) )
Stone Bruise30/07/2021 10:29:43
(Jack Kennedy )
Stiff30/07/2021 09:41:15
30/07/2021Galway718Smoking Gun
(Mike O'Connor (7) )
Skin Allergy30/07/2021 09:41:42
30/07/2021Galway722The Caddy Rose
( )
Automatically Withdrawn
(Donagh Meyler )
Withdrawn (Previously Declared)30/07/2021 09:31:40
30/07/2021Galway87Imperial Ruler
(Mr F. Maguire )
Temperature30/07/2021 09:36:02
30/07/2021Galway810Deal Again
(Mr J.I. Duggan (7) )
Nasal Discharge30/07/2021 14:11:54
31/07/2021Galway28Handel (USA)
(Emmet McNamara )
Off Feed30/07/2021 12:17:07

30/07/2021Galway121Hollys Honour
(Shane Mulcahy (7) )
Reserve Declaration30/07/2021 09:08:34Shane Mulcahy (7)
30/07/2021Galway122Fancy A Cosmo
(Donagh Meyler )
Reserve Declaration30/07/2021 10:13:32Donagh Meyler
30/07/2021Galway123Here To Stay
(Darragh O'Keeffe )
Nomination of Rider30/07/2021 10:05:33Darragh O'Keeffe
30/07/2021Galway123Here To Stay
(Darragh O'Keeffe )
Reserve Declaration30/07/2021 10:04:31Darragh O'Keeffe
30/07/2021Galway221Blowing Dixie (GB)
(Eoin Walsh (2) )
Nomination of Rider30/07/2021 09:24:36Eoin Walsh (2)
30/07/2021Galway221Blowing Dixie (GB)
(Eoin Walsh (2) )
Reserve Declaration30/07/2021 09:24:02Eoin Walsh (2)
30/07/2021Galway222Shes Some Doll
(James O'Sullivan (2) )
Reserve Declaration30/07/2021 09:01:01James O'Sullivan (2)
30/07/2021Galway721Funky Dady (FR)
(Shane Mulcahy (7) )
Reserve Declaration30/07/2021 09:37:56Shane Mulcahy (7)
(Donagh Meyler )
Nomination of Rider30/07/2021 09:32:15Donagh Meyler

ADVISED RIDERS - Subject to Change
Advised Riders are subject to verification by the Clerk of the Scales as to their qualification to ride in the race.

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