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Philip Meade Syndicate (Owner) Appeal – Punchestown 21 February 2024

The Appeals Body, Mr Peter Allen (Chair), Mr Jack Rearden and Mr Anthony Byrne convened at the Offices of the Irish Horseracing Regulatory Board on Tuesday, 5 March 2024 to consider the appeal of the Philip Meade Syndicate (Owner) following the decision of the Raceday Stewards at Punchestown on Wednesday, 21 February 2024.

Following the running of the Bet Victor Proud to Support Irish Racing Flat Race, the Raceday Stewards received a report from the Clerk of the Scales that Mr Finn Tegetmeier, rider of Colcannon, placed first, weighed in 1.3lbs light after the race. As a consequence, the Raceday Stewards disqualified Colcannon from first place in accordance Rule 231(i) in that Mr Tegetmeier weighed in at more than 1lb light.

The grounds of appeal lodged on behalf of the Philip Meade Syndicate was that the Raceday Stewards on the day erred in their decision to disqualify Colcannon from the Bet Victor Proud to Support Irish Racing Flat Race.

At the Appeal Hearing, evidence was heard from Mr Philip Meade, part owner of Colcannon, and Mr Tony O’Moore, scales expert.Mr Tegetmeier was also in attendance.

In his evidence, Mr Meade explained how Mr Tegetmeier had weighed out an hour before the race and then proceeded to use the bathroom and walk the track which he believed is linked to the issue . Mr Meade also questioned the tolerance of the scales and explained that he operates an agribusiness in which he frequently uses scales and that he believed that the scales in question should have a plus or minus of 0.2lbs additional allowance. Mr Meade further asserted that the scales in use on raceday is not trade approved for commercial transactions by the NSAI (National Standards Authority of Ireland).

In his evidence, Mr O’Moore stated that NSAI is Ireland's official standards body and that any scales used in the process of a business transaction for goods must be trade approved. Clíodhna Guy, on behalf of the IHRB, noted that the weighing of riders was not a business transaction; rather, it was required to ensure compliance with the conditions of races and therefore trade approval of scales was not required. Ms Guy advised that the raceday scales was operated through a bespoke IT program and that it was independently calibrated on annual basis. Mr. O’Moore stated that he was not asserting that the scales was not fit for purpose and that he accepted that calibrating each scales on an annual basis was more than was required under the NSAI trade standards. 

Having considered the evidence, the Appeals Body dismissed the appeal and the amended result on the day stands.

First:               Sermandzarak (FR)

Second:         Real Empire

Third:              Harry's Dream

Fourth:           Delta Force

The appeal was presented by Mr Meade on behalf of the Philip Meade Syndicate. The IHRB was represented by Mr Andrew Ring, IHRB Stipendiary Steward and Ms. Clíodhna Guy, IHRB Head of Licensing, Legal and Compliance. 

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