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Paul Nolan (Trainer) Referral – Stable Inspection 28th October 2022

The Referrals Committee, Mr. N.B. Wachman (Chairman), Mr. Anthony Byrne and Mr. Noel McCaffrey convened via zoom on Wednesday 20th December 2023, to consider whether Mr. Paul Nolan (Trainer) was in breach of any rules of racing arising from a Stable Inspection carried out at his Training Establishment on 28th October 2022 by IHRB officials.

On the day, the inspection team noted that the two riders were riding without Back Protectors contrary to the requirements of Rule 148(v)(b). They also noted one horse, Dot Cotton was not on the licensed premises and had not been returned out of training as required under Rule 148(vi).

In a written submission to the Referrals Committee, Mr. Nolan accepted that he was in breach of the Rule 148 (v)(b) and apologised that Miss Jennifer French and Mr. Michael Doran had not been wearing their back protectors. Mr. Nolan also accepted that he was in breach of Rule 148 (vi) in that he had failed to return Dot Cotton out of training. Mr Nolan stated the filly had recently been sold and that it was a clerical error on his behalf that she was not returned out of training.

Having considered the evidence, the Referrals Committee found Mr. Nolan in breach of Rule 148(v)(b) and imposed a fine of €400 and Rule 148(vi) in respect of the horse Dot Cotton not returned out of training and imposed a fine of €130.

The case was presented by Ms. Clíodhna Guy, IHRB Head of Licensing, Legal and Compliance.



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