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Martin Brassil (Trainer) Referral Wexford – 23 Aug 2013

The Referrals Committee, Peter Allen (in the Chair), Mrs J.O. Onions and Sean Barry met at the Turf Club, The Curragh, Co. Kildare on Friday, 11th October 2013 to consider whether or not Martin Brassil, trainer was in breach of any rule as a result of having veterinary sprays and syringes in his racing bag in the stable yard at Wexford on 23rd August 2013, when the only type of syringe permitted in the yard is a bulb syringe.

Evidence was heard from Martin Brassil who accepted that there were veterinary sprays and syringes in his racing bag at Wexford.  He said it was purely accidental as the sprays and syringes in question were for use the next day on a horse which was taking part in a show event.  He outlined how they accidently ended up being brought to Wexford.

Having considered the evidence, the Referrals Committee accepted the reasons outlined by Mr. Brassil for the sprays and syringes being present.  They said he was the victim of an unfortunate set of circumstances and they accepted there was no malicious intent.  However, they noted that under the Rules, Mr. Brassil was responsible for what occurred and found him in breach of Regulation R9 and fined him €200.

The case was presented by Denis Egan, Chief Executive of the Turf Club.

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