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Limerick Saturday 27th December 2008

Rockers Field - Philip J. Rothwell – Goggin Buckley Engineering Handicap Hurdle


The Stewards of the I.N.H.S Committee acting in accordance with their powers under Rule 20 (xvii) have considered the circumstances surrounding the Stewards Enquiry into the performance of the winner, Rockers Field, trained by Mr. Philip J. Rothwell, at Limerick on 27th December 2008. The Stewards of the I.N.H.S. Committee are satisfied that the Acting Stewards on the day had acted ultra vires as the alleged breach of Rule 213 should have been referred to the Referrals Committee rather than being dealt with on the day. Consequently the Stewards of the I.N.H.S. Committee have ruled that the decision of the Acting Stewards to fine Mr. Rothwell €3,000 should be rescinded and the records be amended accordingly.

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