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K.M. Donoghue (Rider) Appeal – Sligo 14th September 2020

The Appeals Body (Division 2) Mr. Michael Doyle (in the chair) Mr. John McGuire and Mr. Con O’Mahony convened at Listowel Racecourse on 25th September 2020 to consider the Appeal of K.M. Donoghue (Rider) against the decision of the Stewards at Sligo on 14th September 2020.


On the day, following the running of the Leo McMorrow Memorial Novice Handicap Hurdle, the Stewards found Mr. Donoghue in breach of Rule 214, in that he had ridden carelessly, and they suspended him for two racedays. The grounds of the appeal lodged by Mr. Donoghue was that the Stewards erred in their decision.


Evidence was heard from Mr. Donoghue and the Appeals Body also watched a recording of the race.


In his evidence, Mr. Donoghue outlined what occurred from the last fence to the winning line. He stated that his mount got in under the last fence with the result that he had to balance the horse after landing. He said that there was never contact with either horse on his inside, and that he had left enough room for the horses on his inside at all times. He submitted that neither of the other two riders had to stop riding. He accepted that all three horses had gone right after the last, but he attributed this to the contours of the track rather than by any of his actions. Mr. Donoghue did accept that both other riders had to check after the last fence at different times.


Having considered the evidence the Appeals Body could not find any error with the decision of the Stewards on the day as they were also of the opinion that Mr. Donoghue was in breach of Rule 214, in that he had ridden carelessly, and they confirmed the suspension of two racedays and his deposit was forfeited.


The case was presented by Mr. Liam Walsh, Stipendiary Steward. Mr. Donoghue was represented by Patrick Kennedy of Patrick J. O’Meara & Co. Solicitors, Liberty Square, Thurles, Co Tipperary.



Suspension Dates: 28th and 29th September 2020

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