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J.A. Heffernan (Rider) Appeal – Cork 23rd April 2021

The Appeals Body (Division 2) Mr. Justice Frank Clarke (in the chair) Mr. Stephen Collins and Mr. Philip Caffrey convened at the Curragh Racecourse on 3rd May 2021 to consider the Appeal of J.A. Heffernan (Rider) against the sanction imposed by the Stewards at Cork on 23rd April 2021.

On the day, following the running of the Blackwater Race the Stewards found Mr. Heffernan in breach of Regulation 10.3(g) in that he had used his whip with excessive frequency and pursuant to Regulation 10.6(a) suspended him for six racedays. The grounds of appeal lodged by Mr. Heffernan were that he had used his whip for corrective and safety reasons.

Evidence was heard from Mr. Heffernan and the Appeals Body also watched a recording of the race.

In his evidence, Mr. Heffernan explained how green his mount was having turned into the home straight. He said his mount hung right causing him to clip a heel, cocked it's jaw and veered left again and in an attempt to correct his mouth he had used his whip on two or three occasions for corrective purposes in front of the saddle. He said he had not reported this to the Clerk of the Scales on weighing in as it had not affected the overall performance of his mount who won comfortably in the end.

Having considered the evidence, the Appeals Body were satisfied that some of Mr. Heffernan’s use of the whip were for corrective purposes and that the remaining number of strikes did not result in a breach of Regulation 10.3(g) and therefore allowed the appeal.

The case was presented by Mr. Liam Walsh, Stipendiary Steward.

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