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Harry Boyle - “Blenheim Storm” - Identity Query

Harry Boyle  -  “Blenheim Storm”  -  Identity Query
Killinick Harriers Point to Point Meeting, 19th November, 2006.

The Referrals Committee, Mr. Edward Flannery (in the Chair), Mrs. T.K. Cooper and Mrs. J.O. Onions, met at the Stand House Hotel, The Curragh, Co. Kildare, on Tuesday, 12th December, 2006, to consider Objection from the Registrar of the INHS Committee that the horse which ran under the name “Blenheim Storm” was not the horse which it was represented to be at time of entry.  The horse had finished first in the winner of the 5-y-o Mares Maiden Race, Division One, at Killinick Harriers Point to Point meeting on 19th November, 2006.  The Mare could not be identified by the Veterinary Officer on duty in accordance with the passport documentation presented.  Evidence was heard from Harry Boyle, owner of “Blenheim Storm”, Ms. Vicki McWey, Horse Racing Ireland, and M.J. Berry, person in charge of the horse.

Having considered the evidence, the Referrals Committee were satisfied that a genuine confusion had arisen and the animal which won the race was not “Blenheim Storm”, but was in fact “Blenheim Pride”.  The Committee fined Mr. Boyle €500 and ordered that “Blenheim Storm” be disqualified from first place at Killinick on 19th November, 2006, and from third place in the Golden Vale Foxhounds Point to Point on 5th November, 2006.  The record for these races should be amended to read as follows:-

Killinick, 19th November, 2006.   Golden Vale, 5th November, 2006.
First:-  Another Evening   First:-  Lily Lotus
Second:- Ebony Thyne    Second:- Carran Hill
Third:-  Sebber Bridge    Third:-  Sheldon

The record of the following races should also be amended to the effect that “Blenheim Storm should read “Blenheim Pride”:-
Carlow Farmers, 29th Jan., 2006,    Maiden 5 & 6 Mares (Division Two) (fell),
Shillelagh & District, 8th Oct., 2006,    Maiden 5 & 6 Mares (Division Two) (Pulled Up),
Suirvale Harriers, 9th Apr., 2006,     Maiden 5 & 6 Mares (Division One) Pulled Up),
Bree Foxhounds, 23rd Apr., 2006.   Maiden 4 & 5 Mares (Division One) (pulled Up).

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