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Auction Race Qualifications


Auction races for four-year-old maidens will be restricted to horses which have been sold or bought in by public auction under the hammer at a recognised National Hunt Store sale in Ireland or Great Britain in 2020 as an unraced three-year-old.

(For the avoidance of doubt horses which are unsold having failed to reach their reserves do not qualify, nor do private sales.)

(i)        The "recognised National Hunt Store sales" referred to above for these races in 2020 comprise of the following:-

The Goffs Land Rover Sale, The Goffs UK Spring Store Sale (The Goffs UK Supplementary Store Sale and Goffs UK Summer Sale in 2020), The Tattersalls Ireland May Store Sale, The Tattersalls Ireland Derby Sale and the Tattersalls Ireland August Sale.

(ii)       The first sale will govern the price if the horse is sold more than once in 2020 (exclusions - horses which have been sold or bought in by public auction under the hammer at any of the above sales for more than the highest permitted price specified in the race conditions).

(iii)       Confined to horses who have been purchased at the above sales in 2020 for €25,000 or less.

(iv)       In the case of any dispute the official sale return will be used to determine the validity of the sale. The Stewards of the I.N.H.S. Committee will be the final arbiters of qualification for entry.

(v)       Any sale conducted outside the sales ring (private sale) will not be considered to qualify the horse to run in these races.

Conversion Rates to € for Horses purchased in Great Britain

2020 British Pound     €1.18

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