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Zilpaterol Feed Contamination Update

On Friday, 2nd October, GAIN Equine Nutrition released a statement advising customers that it was investigating the potential presence of a contaminant involving the product zilpaterol in some batches of their equine feed range. The latest statement can be read in full here.


Zilpaterol is a β2 adrenergic agonist with anabolic properties and is prohibited at all times under the IHRB Rules of Racing. It is used in some countries as an animal-feed additive to promote weight gain, but its use is not permitted in Ireland or the rest of the EU.


This is an evolving situation and the Irish Horseracing Regulatory Board are working with GAIN, the Department of Agriculture Food and the Marine, our contracted laboratory partner LGC, industry bodies and other regulatory authorities affected as the situation develops. We will keep stakeholders as informed as we can throughout the process.


The IHRB’s contracted laboratory, LGC, have not to date reported any findings for zilpaterol in samples taken from horses trained and raced in Ireland.

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