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Wexford Racecourse Trial Day



The Licensing Committee, with Peter Reynolds in the Chair, together with Noel McCaffrey, William Flood and Victor Connolly met at Wexford Racecourse on Monday, 2nd February 2015 to consider a request to alter racing from clockwise to an anti-clockwise direction.

The Chairman invited views from the following parties present:-

1. Michael Murphy, Manager of Wexford Racecourse
2. Wexford Racecourse Committee
3. Acting Stewards
4. Val O’Connell, Clerk of the Course
5. Irish Racehorse Trainers Association
6. Irish Jockeys Association
7. Qualified Riders Association
8. Turf Club Officials
9. Turf Club Security
10. Horse Racing Ireland
11. I.R.I.S.
12 Association of Irish Racehorse Owners
13. Blue Cross

Having considered all the views expressed, the Licensing Committee decided to allow a ‘trial’ race meeting to take place in an ‘anti-clockwise’ direction on Tuesday, 21st April 2015, but stressed that all the necessary facilities must be in place in order to stage a realistic ‘trial’ race day.

It was agreed that following the ‘trial’, further consideration will then be given by the Licensing Committee for a permanent arrangement.

For further information please contact:-

Seamus Gibson
Secretary to the Licensing Committee
Tel: 045-445600 (Office)

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