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I.N.H.S. Committee announces changes for the Point to Point Season

The Stewards of the I.N.H.S. Committee announced that it will introduce changes in certain areas for the 2014 / 2015 Point to Point Season.

The main changes are as follows:-

1. Maidens to be allowed compete in Winners Races

The qualification clause in Winners Races will be amended to allow maiden horses to compete in this category.

2. Double Entries

The committee agreed to allow horses be entered for more than one race at a Point to Point fixture. However, any horse with a double entry engagement will only be permitted to compete in one race.

3. Qualification Date of Racecourse Wins Changed

In an effort to potentially qualify more horses to compete in open lightweight races, the deadline for horses that have won on the racecourse has been extended to the final day in February - seven months prior to the start of the season.  Previous to that any horse which won on the racecourse subsequent to 1st October of the previous year was ineligible to compete in a Point to Point race.

4. Numbering of Fences

The committee approved the numbering of all fences at Point to Points in an effort to help medical staff attend to an injured party.  This matter had previously been discussed by the Stewards and they have agreed to cover the cost.

5. Hoods

A horse will now be allowed to run in a hood provided it is properly fitted, under the bridle.  The situation will be reviewed at the end of the season.

6. Insurance for Handlers

Handlers will be now be required to have Public Liability insurance and Employers Liability insurance in place

7. Entry Fees

The committee will recommend to hunts to consider increasing the entry fees from €50 to €60 in all races.  The committee did however stress that the decision to increase entry fees would ultimately rest with the hunts themselves.

In announcing the changes, Michael Hickey, Senior Steward of the I.N.H.S. Committee said

“The Stewards met with the various representative bodies involved in Point to Points over recent weeks.  Numerous recommendations to continually improve standards were considered and adopted where appropriate.  On behalf of the I.N.H.S. Committee I would like to thank the Point to Point Committee, Handlers, Riders, Representatives of the Point to Point Associations, Horse Racing Ireland, Receivers of Entries and Officials for their input.  I also warmly welcome the I.T.M. initiative to enhance the promotion of mares which compliments the ongoing efforts made to date by the I.N.H.S. Committee.”

The Point to Point season commences at Limerick (F) Bruff on Sunday, 28th September, 2014.

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