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Equine Anti-Doping Report

The Irish Horseracing Regulatory Board has today released the biannual Equine Anti-Doping Report to cover a breakdown of monthly activity in the area of Equine Anti-Doping from July to December 2022, alongside overall figures for the year.


This report details the testing activities of the IHRB’s Equine Anti-Doping Programme under our remit to safeguard the integrity of Irish horse racing.


Dr. Lynn Hillyer, IHRB Chief Veterinary Officer and Head of Equine Anti-Doping said: “Our key priority is always to continue delivering the highest standards of testing and associated activity possible. Working with our contracted laboratory, we continue to adapt, develop and refine our testing processes and capabilities and to progress delivery of the key recommendations made by Dr Suann in his 2022 review.”


The report can be read in full here. 

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