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EHSLC Publish Further Detection Times Guidelines

EHSLC Publish Further Detection Times Guidelines

1.    The EHSLC has published a further tranche of therapeutic substances used in horses with their experimentally derived detection times.

The substances are:
Mepivicaine (Local Anaesthetic)
Meclofenamic Acid (NSAID)
Dembrexine (Mucolytic)
Detomidine (Sedative/Analgesic)
Naproxen (NSAID)

2.    These detection times were derived on the basis of experimental/administration studies carried out in France, Germany, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Ireland and Italy by the Research Working Party of the EHSLC.

The detection times published here are not synonymous with withdrawal times.  They are data derived from controlled experiments under ideal conditions on a limited number of animals.  A veterinary surgeon must apply a further safety span to the above data to arrive at a withdrawal time likely to be necessary under field conditions.  Practitioners are referred to the limitations and caveats that were previously published.

3.    The detection time is the time at which the urinary concentration of the drug, or its metabolites or isomers, in all the horses in the study was below the limit of detection for the drug using routine or standard screening methods.

The limits of detection are harmonized between the laboratories of the five member countries.

4.    Commenting on the publication of the additional data, Turf Club Chief Executive, Denis Egan, said that he “welcomed the guidelines as they would provide important guidance to veterinary surgeons who are involved in the treatment of racehorses.”

5.    Note for Editors

The EHSLC was formed in 1992 as a result of discussion between the Stewards of France, Great Britain and Ireland on the wish for greater co-operation between the racing authorities of those countries to harmonise technical doping control policies and procedures. Germany and Italy later joined as full members.  Ireland is represented by the Irish Turf Club.

The aims of EHSLC are:

-    to harmonise sample testing procedures and policies
-    to engender co-operation in research relating to the suppression of doping
-    to provide a forum for the exchange of information
-    to unify views on doping control  

The overriding intention is to create a common environment to ensure best practice standards such that, in whichever of the member countries a horse is raced, the horse and its connections are treated, in all key matters of principle, in the same way.


Each of the five countries is represented by an Administrator, an Analyst, a Regulatory Veterinarian and a Pharmacologist.  The Committee is chaired by Dr. Peter Webbon, Chief Executive of the Horseracing Regulatory Authority.

Other Detection Times Published

The EHSLC has already published detection times for:

-    Carprofen
-    Dipyrone
-    Eltenac
-    Flunixin
-    Ketoprofen
-    Meloxicam
-    Phenylbutazone
-    Vedaprofen
-    Furosemide

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