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Dundalk 8th April 2022

The Stewards fined the following trainers in respect of their non-runners:-

Gordon Elliott, trainer of Gift Of Kings (GB) (Transport difficulties) - €200
Gordon Elliott, trainer of Benz (Transport difficulties) - €200

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The Stewards enquired into the circumstances surrounding the late arrival of G.M. Ryan, the declared rider of Belatucadros. Evidence was heard from G.M. Ryan. In evidence, he stated that he allowed his standard time to complete the journey from home but today he encountered very slow traffic for a majority of the journey. Having considered the evidence, the Stewards accepted the excuse offered on this occasion and took no further action.

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J. Kearney, rider of Cula Bula Mamool trained by Miss Katy Brown, reported to the Clerk of the Scales that his mount burst a blood vessel in running.

The Irish Horseracing Regulatory Board Veterinary Officer examined Cula Bula Mamool, trained by Miss Katy Brown, at the request of the Stewards and reported the animal to have blood at both nostrils post race.

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The Stewards interviewed P.A. Harnett, rider of Atlantic Breeze, concerning his use of the whip in the latter stages of this race. Evidence was heard from the rider concerned. In his evidence, P.A. Harnett stated that he had miscalculated his use of the whip and thought that he was on the allowable limit. Furthermore he added that he had also used the whip down the shoulder and also when having attained his best possible placing as his mount was lairy and he wanted to keep him going forward. Having viewed a recording of the race and considered the evidence the Stewards were of the opinion that P.A. Harnett was in breach of R10(3)(a) by hitting his mount in front of the saddle with his whip in the forehand position, R10(3)(c) by the unnecessary hitting of his mount that clearly had obtained its maximum placing and R10(3)(g) by using his whip with excessive frequency. Having taken his previous record into consideration and pursuant to the provisions of R10(6)(a), the Stewards suspended P.A. Harnett for six racedays.

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The Stewards enquired into possible interference inside the final furlong involving Macadam's Rock, ridden by W.J. Lee, placed first, and Kaswarah, ridden by R.P. Whelan, placed second, where it appeared that Macadam's Rock moved right off a straight racing line and may have caused Kaswarah to shift right. Evidence was heard from the riders concerned. In his evidence, R.P. Whelan stated that Macadam's Rock had come over towards his mount and made slight contact but this had no bearing on the final result. W.J. Lee stated that his mount went to win his race but began to move right and then ducked for the horse gate before he corrected him with his whip in the forehand down the shoulder. Having viewed the recording of the race and considered the evidence, the Stewards made no alteration to the Judges placings and took no further action.

W.J. Lee, rider of Macadam's Rock trained by Miss Hilary McLoughlin, reported to the Clerk of the Scales that his mount ducked right for the horse gate.


The following Raceday Stewards acted on behalf of the Irish Horseracing Regulatory Board at this race meeting:

Mr. R. Dore (Chairman),

Mr. P. Caffrey,

Mr. J. Tyrrell,

Mr. P.D. Matthews.

Disclaimer: Please note this information is provisional and is subject to amendment until published in the Irish Racing Calendar.

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