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Ballinrobe 25th May 2021

The Stewards authorised the following substitutions of riders at this meeting:

D. F. O'Regan rode Wa Wa (reserve), trained by D.M. Christie (Race 5)
P.T. Enright replaced K.J. Brouder on Get Home, trained by Olivia Hegarty (Race 5)(Stood down)
D.E. Mullins replaced R.A. Doyle on Castlehume Gold, trained by R. K. Watson (Race 5)(Stood down)
C.J. Orr replaced K.J. Brouder on Fallen Forest, trained by William Durkan (Race 6)(Stood down)
A.W. Short replaced R.A. Doyle on Kilandra, trained by Brian M. McMahon (Race 6)(Stood down)
D.E. Mullins replaced K.J. Brouder on Dromore Lad, trained by John Patrick Ryan (Race 7)(Stood down)
P.T. Enright replaced R.A. Doyle on Agent Boru, trained by Thomas Gibney (Race 7)(Stood down)

126B McHale Fusion Range M'dn H'dle

D.J. O'Keeffe, rider of Farrawaybay trained by M.A.Molloy, reported to the Clerk of Scales that his mount made a bad mistake at the second last.

E. Walsh, rider of Ballinruddy trained by Adrian Murray, reported to the Clerk of Scales that his mount hung left throughout.

126D1 H'cap H'dle

The Stewards received a report from Ms. N. O'Connor, Irish Horseracing Regulatory Board Veterinary Officer, that she was unable to positively identify Miss Anfield, trained by P.J. Rothwell, from the markings contained in the passport presented for this horse. Evidence was heard from Ms. Rachael O'Neill and the Irish Horseracing Regulatory Board Veterinary Officer. Ms. Rachael O'Neill stated that P. J. Rothwell had delivered Miss Anfield to the yard of John Hanlon, trainer, this morning at approximately 10:30am to then be transported to Ballinrobe this evening on John Hanlon's lorry. She added that when the horse arrived it was put on the walker and then an unnamed gelding that had been purchased recently was mistakingly taken off the walker and loaded onto the lorry. Ms. N. O'Connor stated that the animal presented as Miss Anfield was in fact an unnamed gelding. Having considered the evidence, the Stewards, pursuant to the provisions of Rule 90(iv), ordered the withdrawal of Miss Anfield and referred the matter to a senior racing official. Furthermore, the Stewards were satisfied that P. J. Rothwell was in breach of Rule 147(V), in that he had not appointed an Authorised Representative to represent him in relation to matters connected with his runners. Having considered P. J. Rothwell's record in this regard the Stewards fined him €130 on this occasion.

The Stewards fined D.McNamara, trainer, €65 for failing to fit the declared headgear to Getaclan, prior to entering the parade ring.

The Stewards interviewed M.M. McDonagh, rider of Get Phar, concerning his use of the whip in the latter stages of this race. Evidence was heard from the rider concerned. In his evidence M.M. McDonagh admitted that his arm was above shoulder height when using his whip in his left hand but was correctly used when switched to his right hand. Having viewed a recording of the race and considered the evidence the Stewards were of the opinion that M.M. McDonagh was in breach of R10(3)(h) by using his whip with his arm above shoulder height. Having taken his previous record into consideration, the Stewards suspended M.M. McDonagh for one raceday.

126D2 H'cap H'dle

The Irish Horseracing Regulatory Board Veterinary Officer examined Sketrick, trained by S.R.B. Crawford, at the request of the Stewards and reported the animal to be post race normal.

The Stewards fined Sean Aherne, trainer, €65 for fitting a hood, that had not been declared at declaration time to Stolen Moment, prior to entering the parade ring.

126E McHale Tiger Roll Beginners S'chase

H. Morgan, rider of Chosen Flower trained by V. T. O'Brien, reported to the Clerk of Scales that his mount never travelled.


The following Raceday Stewards acted on behalf of the Irish Horseracing Regulatory Board at this race meeting:

Dr. Tom McDonogh (Chairman),

Dr. Colm O'Flaherty,

Mr. Niall Rooney,

Mr. M. F. O'Donoghue.

Disclaimer: Please note this information is provisional and is subject to amendment until published in the Irish Racing Calendar.

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