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Pacte In The Park (FR), 2011 g b by Walk In The Park - Parallel Universe (GB), Shillelagh & District (F)
Kenny, Simon - YELLOW,emerald green braces; yellow sleeves; yellow cap
Handler: Walsh, John Edward
Paddy Buns, 2014 g br by Arakan (USA) - Betty Beck, Co.Clare (H)
Smyth, Sarah - YELLOW,red epaulettes; green sleeves; yellow cap
Handler: Hassett, Donal
Paddy Predictor, 2012 g ch by Stowaway (GB) - Hard Luck, Laois (F)
Fontstown Syndicate - DARK BLUE & ORANGE DIAMONDS; dark blue & orange hlvd sleeves; dark blue & orange qtd cap
Handler: Cusack, Liam
Pakie's Dream, 2014 g b by Arcadio (GER) - Emily's Princess, Waterford (F)
Crotty, Pat - YELLOW,dark blue panel; yellow sleeves,dark blue armlet; yellow cap
Handler: Power, Paul
Panic Your Beat, 2014 f b by September Storm (GER) - Strong Lady, Iveagh (H)
Mulholland, Cathal - EMERALD GREEN,yellow chevrons; emerald green sleeves,yellow stars; emerald green & yellow striped cap
Handler: Cosgrave, J.G.
Panthers Creek, 2013 g b by Getaway (GER) - Show Us The Money, North Kilkenny (F)
Gannon, Michelle - MAROON,black chevron; maroon & black hlvd sleeves; maroon cap
Handler: Gannon, Michelle
Paolozzi, 2009 g b by Oscar - Miss Eurolink (GB), Premier (H)
Wilkinson, Clifford - WHITE,red cross belts; black sleeves; black cap
Handler: Byrne, Michael J.
Papal Present, 2013 g b by Presenting (GB) - Freila Shawley, Derrygallon (H)
Sweetnam, Brian - DARK BLUE; orange & dark blue hlvd sleeves; dark blue cap
Handler: Winters, Michael
Parsons Avenue (GB), 2012 g b by Grape Tree Road (GB) - Kentford Duchess (GB), Fingal (H)
McCaghy, James - WHITE & ROYAL BLUE DIAMONDS; white sleeves; white cap,blue spots
Handler: McCaghy, I.
Party Tunes, 2014 g b by Arakan (USA) - Helens Decree, Killinick (H)
Murphy, Michael R. - RED & WHITE QTD; white sleeves; blue & red check cap
Handler: Murphy, Ashleigh
Pat Coyne, 2014 g gr by Fairly Ransom (USA) - Imogens Fancy, North Kilkenny (F)
Nicholson, John W. - YELLOW,royal blue sash; yellow sleeves; yellow & royal blue check cap
Handler: Nicholson, John W.
Patriot's Prayer, 2012 g ch by Double Eclipse - Culmore Native, Fermanagh (H)
CAFRE (Enniskillen) Racing Club - RED,emerald green chevrons; red sleeves; red & emerald green striped cap
Handler: Maguire, Connor
Pay Later (GB), 2013 g b by Kayf Tara (GB) - Swift Settlement (GB), Premier (H)
Keating, Tom - EMERALD GREEN,orange chevrons; emerald green sleeves; black cap
Handler: Keating, Tom
Pay The Woman, 2014 f b by Doyen - Mono Dame, Co.Galway(F)
Costello, A.G. - ROYAL BLUE & YELLOW DIAMONDS; royal blue sleeves; royal blue & yellow hooped cap
Handler: Costello, A.G.
Pegs Angel, 2014 f b by Kalanisi - Kerryhead Sunshine, Killinick (H)
Roche, Mary - GREY & GREEN DIAMONDS; grey,green diamonds sleeves & green diamond sleeves; grey cap,green diamonds
Handler: Jordan, Brian
Pencilfulloflead, 2014 g b by Shantou (USA) - Quaspia (FR), Island (F)
Brennan, Marie - GREEN; green sleeves,yellow seams; yellow cap
Handler: Brennan, J.P.
Pennyforapound, 2014 g b by Winged Love - Recession Lass, Bree (F)
Milestone Racing Partnership - BLACK; green cap
Handler: Bowe, Colin
Perle Rose, 2012 f b by Milan (GB) - Powhatan Squaw, Waterford (F)
Halley, Pam - EMERALD GREEN,pink spots; pink & emerald green hooped sleeves; emerald green cap
Handler: Halley, V.L.
Perpignan, 2012 g b by Robin Des Champs (FR) - Reevolesa, Fingal (H)
Thornton, Karl - PURPLE,white star; purple sleeves,white stars; purple cap,white star
Handler: Thornton, Karl
Perrie Hill, 2007 g b by Perugino (USA) - Lough N Uisce, Bree (F)
Dooly, Jennifer - PURPLE,red star; red sleeves,purple stars; red cap,purple star
Handler: Dooly, N
Peter The Butler, 2010 g b by Vermeer - Ballyalea Queen, Co.Clare (H)
Hassett, Patrick J. F. - RED & WHITE QTD; red sleeves; white cap,red star
Handler: Hassett, Patrick J. F.
Peter's Portrait, 2013 g b by Portrait Gallery - Fancyfacia, Shillelagh & District (F)
Tom Power & Annette Lawlor - RED,royal blue star; red sleeves,royal blue stars; red cap,royal blue star
Handler: Rothwell, P.J.
Picanha (GB), 2014 g br by Malinas (GER) - Royal Bride (GB), Bree (F)
Latta, R.C.A. - BLACK,gold hoop; gold sleeves; gold cap
Handler: Latta, Andrew
Pileon, 2014 g b by Yeats - Heath Heaven (GB), Premier (H)
Keating, Tom - EMERALD GREEN,orange chevrons; emerald green sleeves; black cap
Handler: Keating, Tom
Pink Sheets, 2014 f b by Gold Well (GB) - Soft Skin, South County Dublin(H)
Miriam Magner & Adam Potts - BLACK,yellow triple diamond; black sleeves,yellow diabolo; black & yellow qtd cap
Handler: Nolan, Shane
Pinnacle Arc, 2014 g b by Arcadio (GER) - Adlona (USA), Dungarvan Farmers (F)
Doyle, Aoife - EMERALD GREEN,white star; white sleeves,emerald green stars; emerald green cap,white star
Handler: Kiely, Paul Stephen
Pistol Whipped, 2014 g b by Beneficial (GB) - Holiday Time, Bree (F)
Milestone Racing Partnership - BLACK; green cap
Handler: Bowe, Colin
Pivotal Pursuit (GB), 2014 g b by Pivotal (GB) - Shatter, Co.Galway(F)
McDonagh, Jarlath - RED,white sash; white sleeves; white & red check cap
Handler: McDonagh, Kevin
Pixie's Princess (GB), 2013 f b by Touch of Land (FR) - Broomhill Lady (GB), Ward Union (S)
Flynn, Jamie E. - DARK BLUE,white sash; white sleeves; pink cap
Handler: O'Neill, Thomas
Plan At The Minute, 2013 f b by Getaway (GER) - Skipping Along, Co.Clare (H)
Clancy, Robbie - PINK & PURPLE CHECK; purple sleeves; pink & purple check cap
Handler: Kelleher, Niall
Plan Of Escape, 2013 g ch by Presenting (GB) - Pilgara, Island (F)
Monbeg Partnership - ORANGE,emerald green spots; white sleeves,emerald green spots; white cap
Handler: Doyle, Sean Thomas
Playlist, 2014 g b by Westerner (GB) - Foret Noire, Waterford (F)
Flavin, P.T. - BROWN,yellow sash; brown sleeves; yellow cap,brown star
Handler: Flavin, J.P.
Playwright (GB), 2012 g b by Motivator (GB) - Emperice (USA), United Hunt (F)
Beecher, Jennifer - RED & YELLOW DIAMONDS; red sleeves; red cap,yellow diamonds
Handler: Baragry, J.P.
Poetic Presence, 2010 f b by Presenting (GB) - Johnston's Crest, Tipperary (F)
Curling, Sam - NAVY & GREY CHECK; navy & grey check sleeves; white cap
Handler: Curling, Sam
Polizon, 2014 g ch by Stowaway (GB) - Prima Belle (FR), Carlow Farmers (F)
Cobajay Syndicate - BLACK,red hoop; black sleeves; red cap
Handler: Fitzgerald, Aidan
Poncherello (FR), 2014 g b by Anzillero (GER) - Clachapa (FR), Island (F)
Rooney, Connie - GREEN; green sleeves,yellow seams; yellow cap
Handler: Brennan, J.P.
Pontoon, 2014 f b by Flemensfirth (USA) - Moskova, Ormond (F)
Hennelly, Robert V. - WHITE,purple chevron; white sleeves; yellow cap
Handler: Hogan, Denis Gerard
Poor Auld Jess, 2013 f b by Mountain High - Heather Sue, East Galway (F)
Hannon, Denis - PURPLE,green cross of lorraine; purple sleeves; purple & green qtd cap
Handler: Ryder, Shane
Porter Rattler, 2014 g b by Arakan (USA) - Nans Mare, Shillelagh & District (F)
Walsh, John Edward - YELLOW,black sash; black sleeves; black cap,yellow star
Handler: Walsh, John Edward
Positive Approach, 2008 g b by Aboo Hom (GB) - Toureen Star, Westmeath (F)
Tynan, Tommy - LIGHT BLUE; dark blue sleeves; dark blue cap,light blue star
Handler: Murphy, Ciaran M.
Potters Venture, 2014 g b by Arcadio (GER) - Starventure, North Kerry (H)
Happy Valley Syndicate - BLACK,pink diabolo; black sleeves; black cap,pink diamond
Handler: Mangan, Michael M.
Premiumaccess, 2015 g b by Milan (GB) - De Loose Mongoose, Bree (F)
Milestone Racing Partnership - BLACK; green cap
Handler: Bowe, Colin
Pres, 2014 g ch by Sans Frontieres - Present Company, Ballinagore (H)
Monbeg Syndicate - EMERALD GREEN,orange spots; white sleeves,orange spots; emerald green cap
Handler: Doyle, Donnchadh
Presentandcounting, 2014 g b by Presenting (GB) - Count On Me, South County Dublin(H)
Cusack, Denis - DARK BLUE,white diamond; yellow sleeves; dark blue cap,white diamonds
Handler: Dempsey, J.P.
Presenting Europe, 2013 g ch by Presenting (GB) - Sugar Island, Fingal (H)
Flynn, Jamie E. - DARK BLUE,white sash; white sleeves; pink cap
Handler: Dreaper, J.T.R.
Presenting Hunzy, 2013 f ch by Presenting (GB) - Hunzy, Duhallow (F)
Buckley, Christopher - RED,yellow chevrons; yellow sleeves,red chevrons; yellow & red striped cap
Handler: Walsh, John J.
Princess Avery, 2014 f b by Yeats - Bobs Article, Ballinagore (H)
Monbeg Farm Racing Partnership - BLACK,emerald green epaulettes; black & emerald green hooped sleeves; black & emerald green hooped cap
Handler: Doyle, Cormac
Princess Harriet, 2012 f b by Rajj - Touraneena (GB), Tynan & Armagh (F)
Abernethy, Martin - MAROON,royal blue stars; maroon sleeves; maroon cap,yellow stars
Handler: Lambe, J.J.
Professor Proton, 2010 g gr by Generous - Fooling Around, North Kerry (H)
McCarthy, Eoin C. - ROYAL BLUE,yellow chevrons; royal blue sleeves,yellow chevrons; red cap
Handler: McCarthy, Eoin C.
Proper Ticket, 2013 f b by Gold Well (GB) - Strand Lady, Island (F)
McCabe, Robert - RED,white hoop; red sleeves,white armlet; red & royal blue qtd cap
Handler: McCabe, Robert
Prosperity Square, 2005 g ch by Anshan - Raheen River, Kildare (F)
O'Dwyer, Conor - DARK BLUE,white seams; dark blue sleeves,white seams; dark blue cap,white spots
Handler: O'Dwyer, Conor
Puff My Pistons, 2008 g b by Winged Love - Sara Jane, East Down (F)
Listen To The Man Syndicate - BLACK & PINK DIAMONDS; black sleeves; pink cap
Handler: Fitzsimmons, Daniel A.
Punchers Path, 2015 g b by Carlotamix (FR) - Skyra, Newry (H)
O'Hare, Sara - WHITE & RED STRIPES; white sleeves; white cap
Handler: Cosgrave, J.G.
Pyrios (FR), 2013 g b by Heliostatic - Nuance Tartare (FR), Fermanagh (H)
Nicholas, Ray - ORANGE; orange sleeves,green chevrons; orange & green hooped cap
Handler: Christie, D.M.

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