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If you are the trainer of a horse which becomes a non-runner or you are the trainer of a reserve, you must contact the Non-Runner line (045-445645) no later than 1½ hours before the time fixed for the running of the first race to declare your horse as a non-runner or alternatively to declare the reserve as a runner or non-runner. If you have not declared a rider for the reserve you must do so no later than 1½ hours before the time fixed for the running of the first race. Failure to nominate a rider shall render the declaration of the reserve invalid.

If you are the trainer of a horse where no rider has been nominated to the Registry Office after the deadline fixed for the nomination of riders, then a rider must be nominated to the Non-Runner Line or in writing to the Clerk of the Scales not less than one and a half hours before the time fixed for the running of the first race. Subsequently, the trainer or his authorised representative will be required to give a verbal explanation to the Stewards.

Trainers can also use the Non Runner Line to declare a possible 2lb overweight for a rider they nominate on their reserve, if applicable. Also, this number can be used to declare a winner’s penalty.

15/02/2019Dundalk115Tai Sing YehWithdrawn - No Rider Declared15/02/2019 15:38:23
15/02/2019Dundalk116Ar Saoirse (GB)Reserve - Non Runner15/02/2019 11:06:37
15/02/2019Dundalk117Joules (GB)Reserve - Non Runner15/02/2019 09:46:37
15/02/2019Dundalk28Rule The Sea (GB)Stone Bruise15/02/2019 11:56:20
15/02/2019Dundalk215Lightning StormReserve - Non Runner15/02/2019 11:39:26
15/02/2019Dundalk217CanningReserve - Non Runner15/02/2019 09:46:37
15/02/2019Dundalk315Metamorphic RockReserve - Non Runner15/02/2019 13:13:26
15/02/2019Dundalk316Ursus BelleReserve - Non Runner15/02/2019 15:05:21
15/02/2019Dundalk415FivehundredmilesReserve - Non Runner15/02/2019 13:03:17
15/02/2019Dundalk53Stanhope (GB)Lame15/02/2019 14:34:21
15/02/2019Dundalk61Kerosin (GER)Coughing15/02/2019 11:53:26
15/02/2019Dundalk87AlwardaIn Season15/02/2019 09:52:35
15/02/2019Dundalk814YarramanBruised foot15/02/2019 12:25:17
15/02/2019Dundalk816So EnjoyReserve - Non Runner15/02/2019 15:11:22
15/02/2019Dundalk817Rince DeireanachReserve - Non Runner15/02/2019 13:03:17

15/02/2019Dundalk216Laethanta Saoire
(Kevin James Manning)
Declared Reserve - 215/02/2019 12:21:11Kevin James Manning
15/02/2019Dundalk815Roses Queen
(Charlie Gaul O'Dwyer)
Declared Reserve - 115/02/2019 10:04:21Charlie Gaul O'Dwyer

ADVISED RIDERS - Subject to Change
Advised Riders are subject to verification by the Clerk of the Scales as to their qualification to ride in the race.


Stewards Room

The Stewards Room contains all the latest reports from Enquiries which are carried out at a racemeeting by the Acting Stewards on the day and are published weekly in the Racing Calendar.

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Point to Point racing which is run by The Irish National Hunt Steeplechase Committee has often been described as the lifeblood of the racing industry in Ireland, with good reason.

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Post Race Reports

These reports must be made as soon as possible after a race by either the Trainer, Rider or Owner. Reports must be made to a Stewards Secretary, I.H.R.B Veterinary Officer or the Office of the I.H.R.B.

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Welcome to the I.H.R.B

As and from 1 January 2018, the Irish Horseracing Regulatory Board is the regulatory body for all horseracing in Ireland.  The Irish Horseracing Regulatory Board is a company limited by guarantee set up by the Turf Club (established 1790) and the Irish National Hunt Steeplechase Committee (established 1866) for the purpose of carrying out the regulatory and licensing functions for Irish horseracing.

The new body is responsible for protecting the integrity and reputation of Irish horseracing in Ireland.  An All-Ireland body the Irish Horseracing Regulatory Board will continue to develop the professional services provided by these two bodies in the regulation of Irish racing for over 200 years.


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