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Kadmer, 2009 g b by Kadeed - Cherry Stripe, Fermanagh (H)
Nicholas, Ray - ORANGE; orange sleeves,green chevrons; orange & green hooped cap
Handler: Christie, D.M.
Kalamansi Cooler, 2012 f gr by Kalanisi - Turgeon L'Imprevue (FR), Fingal (H)
Harvey, David - YELLOW & BLACK HOOPS; yellow sleeves; red cap
Handler: Harvey, David
Kalli's Quest, 2013 f b by Kalanisi - Solar Quest, United Hunt (F)
Coolglen Syndicate - EMERALD GREEN,purple star; emerald green sleeves,purple diabolo; emerald green cap,purple star
Handler: O'Brien, Terence
Kananaskis, 2014 f ch by Getaway (GER) - Miss Kettlewell, Killinick (H)
Turbine Syndicate - BLACK & GREEN CHECK; green sleeves; yellow cap
Handler: Berry, J.A.
Kanturk Bard, 2013 g b by Marienbard - Kanturk Belle, Derrygallon (H)
Winters, Tony - WHITE,red disc; white sleeves; white cap,red stars
Handler: Winters, Michael
Karen's Gift, 2014 f b by Jeremy (USA) - Karens Flight, Killinick (H)
Power, Martina - LIGHT BLUE,red chevron; light blue sleeves; blue & red qtd cap
Handler: Walsh, John Martin
Kargs Post, 2013 g b by Whitmore's Conn (USA) - Sli Eile, South County Dublin(H)
Clarke, John - YELLOW; yellow,brown hooped sleeves; red cap
Handler: Nolan, Shane
Kates Lane, 2014 f b by Scorpion - Copper Magic, Bree (F)
Milestone Racing Partnership - BLACK; green cap
Handler: Bowe, Colin
Katie's Krystal, 2013 f b by Westerner (GB) - Opera Mask, United Hunt (F)
Hickey, Con - RED,black seams; black cap,red star
Handler: Queally, Declan
Kavanaghs Cross, 2015 g b by Califet (FR) - Mugs In Milan, Ballinagore (H)
Kavanagh, Francis - RED,white hollow box; red sleeves; red cap
Handler: Flynn O'Connor, Matthew
Keep Back, 2007 g b by Dushyantor (USA) - Taras Child, Duhallow (F)
Harding, John J. - WHITE; blue sleeves; white & blue check cap
Handler: Harding, Miss M.
Keep Stormin', 2010 g b by September Storm (GER) - Keep Hunting, Duhallow (F)
O'Donovan, John - WHITE,emerald green epaulettes; emerald green sleeves; emerald green & dark blue striped cap
Handler: O'Donovan, John
Keep Wondering, 2014 g b by Scorpion - Supreme Touch, Ballinagore (H)
Monbeg Syndicate - EMERALD GREEN,orange spots; white sleeves,orange spots; emerald green cap
Handler: Doyle, Donnchadh
Kelsey, 2010 g ch by Robin Des Champs (FR) - Lady Mariah, Ward Union (S)
O'Sullivan, Denis - BLACK,yellow cross belts; black & yellow check sleeves; yellow cap
Handler: O'Sullivan, Denis
Kentucky Star (FR), 2009 g ch by Kentucky Dynamite (USA) - La Gloria (GB), United Hunt (F)
Baragry, Shane - RED & YELLOW DIAMONDS; red sleeves; red cap,yellow diamonds
Handler: Baragry, J.P.
Kepagge, 2014 g b by Getaway (GER) - Miracle Lady (GB), Waterford (F)
Keane, Sarah - YELLOW,red diamond; dark blue sleeves; yellow & dark blue qtd cap
Handler: Halley, V.L.
Keyboard Joan, 2014 f b by Jeremy (USA) - Kilcrea Present, Killinick (H)
Scallan, Paul - NAVY,white sash; navy sleeves; white cap
Handler: Scallan, Mark J.
Keyboard Warrior, 2012 g b by Scorpion - Our Shelly, Tipperary (F)
Kennedy, Mrs A.J. - BLACK,white diamond; white sleeves; red cap
Handler: Kennedy, A.J.
Kid Commando (GB), 2014 g b by Robin des Champs (FR) - Banjaxed Girl (GB), Meath (F)
Pioneer Racing Partnership - BLACK,mauve panel; black sleeves,mauve armlet; black cap
Handler: Flood, Peter J.
Kiera Royale, 2011 f ch by Beneficial (GB) - Llancillo Lady, Premier (H)
Kelly, David Harry - GREY,purple seams; grey sleeves; grey cap
Handler: Kelly, David Harry
Kilbeggan Glory, 2015 f b by Fame And Glory (GB) - Baro'gs Benefit, Co.Limerick (F)
Golf at Ballyneety Syndicate - BLACK; pink cap,black stars
Handler: Hourigan, Michael
Kilbree Shadow, 2011 f b by Witness Box (USA) - Kinsellas Rose, West Waterford (F)
Collender, James - RED & WHITE STRIPES; red & white striped sleeves; red & white striped cap
Handler: Collender, James
Kilbree Warrior, 2015 f b br by Mahler (GB) - Tukawhile, West Waterford (F)
Collender, James - RED & WHITE STRIPES; red & white striped sleeves; red & white striped cap
Handler: Collender, James
Kilbrook, 2015 g b by Watar - Daly Lady, Kildare (F)
Flood, Peter J. - RED,black cross of lorraine; red sleeves; red & white striped cap
Handler: Flood, Peter J.
Kilcanavee, 2013 f b by Beneficial (GB) - Black Mariah, Mullinavat&District (H)
Walsh, Joseph H. - EMERALD GREEN,black epaulettes; emerald green sleeves,black chevrons; white cap
Handler: Hartnett, Debbie
Kilcrea Turgeon (FR), 2014 g gr by Turgeon (USA) - Angelika (FR), Tipperary (F)
O'Driscoll, Michael - RED,yellow hoop; red sleeves,yellow armlet; red & white hooped cap
Handler: Doyle, P.M.J.
Kildimo, 2015 g b br by Stowaway (GB) - Beananti, Carlow Farmers (F)
Cobajay Syndicate - BLACK,red hoop; black sleeves; red cap
Handler: Fitzgerald, Aidan
Kildrum, 2013 g b by Milan (GB) - Close Flame, Co.Clare (H)
McCarthy, Mrs B. - PINK; brown cap
Handler: McCarthy, Brian
Kileen Girl, 2013 f b by Flemensfirth (USA) - Killeen, Ward Union (S)
Cuig Chondae Syndicate - RED & YELLOW HOOPS; red sleeves; yellow cap
Handler: McLoughlin, Dermot
Kilganer Rose, 2012 f gr by Trans Island (GB) - La Prima Diva, Co.Galway(F)
Daniels, Joseph - BLACK,emerald green diamond; emerald green sleeves; black cap,emerald green diamond
Handler: Daniels, Joseph
Killanne Lady (GB), 2012 f ch by Schiaparelli (GER) - De Blanc, Bree (F)
John Creane & William Kearney - MAROON,white diabolo; white sleeves; white cap,maroon diamond
Handler: Doyle, Sean Thomas
Killer Clown, 2014 g b by Getaway (GER) - Our Soiree, Bree (F)
Milestone Racing Partnership - BLACK; green cap
Handler: Bowe, Colin
Killer Mode, 2015 g b by Doyen - Cantou, Westmeath (F)
Gigginstown House Stud - MAROON,white star; maroon sleeves,white armlet; maroon cap,white star
Handler: Morris, M.F.
Killimorrie, 2013 f ch by Generous - The Wee Duchess, Route (H)
Shane O'Grady & John B. O'Hagan - BLACK & ROYAL BLUE QTD; black & royal blue hlvd sleeves; black & royal blue qtd cap
Handler: Kearns, Pat
Killwinny King, 2014 g b by Court Cave - Stefphonic, West Waterford (F)
The West Street Boys Partnership - ROYAL BLUE,yellow sash; royal blue sleeves; red cap
Handler: Aherne, Garry
Kilmaley, 2014 g b by Gold Well (GB) - Grant Me Patience, Premier (H)
Keating, Tom - EMERALD GREEN,orange chevrons; emerald green sleeves; black cap
Handler: Keating, Tom
Kilrane Road, 2013 g b by Watar - The Brown Dove, Killinick (H)
Bates, MicheŠl F. - RED,emerald green panel; red sleeves; red & emerald green qtd cap
Handler: Byrne, Olivia
Kind Witness, 2013 f b by Witness Box (USA) - Kind Oscar, United Hunt (F)
Dunleavy, Liam M. - WHITE,emerald green hollow box; white sleeves,red chevrons; white cap
Handler: Higgins, Padraig Gerard
Kings Cave, 2015 g b by Court Cave - Marble Article, Carlow Farmers (F)
Cobajay Syndicate - BLACK,red hoop; black sleeves; red cap
Handler: Fitzgerald, Aidan
Kings Miller, 2015 g b by Stowaway (GB) - Like A Miller, Carlow Farmers (F)
Cobajay Syndicate - BLACK,red hoop; black sleeves; red cap
Handler: Fitzgerald, Aidan
Kiosk Keith, 2014 g b by Scorpion - Definite Love, Premier (H)
Davis, Jane - YELLOW,royal blue star; royal blue sleeves,yellow stars; yellow cap,royal blue star
Handler: Hassett, Shane
Kitty Russell, 2012 f b by Touch of Land (FR) - Capard Lady, Scarteen (F)
O'Donoghue, Joseph A. - ROYAL BLUE,pink diamond; royal blue sleeves,pink armlet; white cap
Handler: O'Donoghue, Joseph A.
Knisi's Magic, 2014 f b by Kalanisi - Conjure Up, Killinick (H)
O'Keeffe, Richard - EMERALD GREEN,mauve sash; mauve sleeves; emerald green cap
Handler: O'Keeffe, Richard
Knockanora Damsel, 2014 f ch by Flemensfirth (USA) - Knock Avora, United Hunt (F)
Gerard & Patrick Berkery - EMERALD GREEN & WHITE DIAMONDS; emerald green sleeves; emerald green & white qtd cap
Handler: Murphy, Daniel G.
Knockenagh (GB), 2013 g b by Malinas (GER) - Ellway Prospect (GB), Waterford (F)
Four Counties Racing Syndicate - MAROON,yellow star; maroon sleeves; maroon cap,yellow star
Handler: Crowley, Bernard
Knocknasillan, 2014 f ch by Dubai Destination (USA) - Fernhill Miss, Route (H)
McKay, Kieran - LIGHT GREEN,black star; black sleeves,light green armlet; black & light green hooped cap
Handler: Quinn, Gerald
Knockraha Katie, 2014 f b by Fame And Glory (GB) - Empty Pocket (GB), United Hunt (F)
O'Donoghue, James - WHITE,black cross belts; black sleeves; red cap
Handler: Sheehan, James G.
Kris The Ground, 2011 f b by Kris Kin (USA) - Violet Hill, Derrygallon (H)
Nyhan, John - BLACK,red large spots; black sleeves,red seams; white cap
Handler: Winters, Michael
Krisquin, 2011 g ch by Kris Kin (USA) - Percision Vision, South County Dublin(H)
Moyville Racing Syndicate - MAUVE,black seams; dark blue sleeves; mauve cap
Handler: Nolan, Shane
Kruzhlinin (GER), 2007 g ch by Sholokhov - Karuma (GER), Westmeath (F)
Sharples, Camilla - GREY,orange star; dark blue sleeves; dark blue cap,orange star
Handler: Elliott, Gordon
Kyles Faith, 2008 g b by Court Cave - Littleton Liberty (GB), Carlow Farmers (F)
Fitzgerald, Aidan - BLACK,red hoop; black sleeves; red cap
Handler: Fitzgerald, Aidan

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