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Jack Hackett, 2014 g b by Beat Hollow (GB) - Corskeagh Shadow, Westmeath (F)
Sean Reilly & Ciaran Murphy - LIGHT GREEN,black cross belts; black sleeves; black cap
Handler: Murphy, Ciaran M.
Jack Milano, 2009 g b by Milan (GB) - Karenchew, Derrygallon (H)
Murphy, Edmond - NAVY; navy sleeves; navy & white check cap
Handler: O'Callaghan, Michael E.
Jack Thunder, 2014 g b by Masterofthehorse - Acqua Pesante, Waterford (F)
Shanahan, Helen - ROYAL BLUE,dark blue seams; white sleeves,dark blue seams; white cap
Handler: Doyle, P.M.J.
Jacksons Gold, 2014 g b by Gold Well (GB) - Miss Abrahnovic, Dungarvan (H)
Curran, Stephen M. - ROYAL BLUE,white triple diamond; royal blue sleeves; royal blue cap,white stars
Handler: Cromwell, Gavin
Jackyjoe, 2014 g b by Gamut - Queens Quay (GB), Shillelagh & District (F)
Whelan, Jackie - WHITE,yellow star; white sleeves; white cap
Handler: Kenny, Liam
Jamesbrook, 2013 g b by Milan (GB) - Moscow Madame, United Hunt (F)
O'Sullivan, Michael N. - ROYAL BLUE,yellow stars; royal blue sleeves,yellow stars; yellow cap,royal blue stars
Handler: Curling, Sam
January Jets, 2014 g b by Presenting (GB) - Poetics Girl, Dungarvan (H)
Connors, W.B. - EMERALD GREEN; emerald green & red striped sleeves; emerald green & red striped cap
Handler: Doyle, P.M.J.
Jasper Bear, 2013 f b by Beneficial (GB) - North Star Poly, Fermanagh (H)
Corrigan, Claire - BLACK,red chevrons; black sleeves,red chevrons; black & red qtd cap
Handler: Christie, D.M.
Java Point, 2015 g b by Stowaway (GB) - Classic Sun (GER), Bree (F)
Milestone Racing Partnership - BLACK; green cap
Handler: Bowe, Colin
Jaybee Mauney, 2015 g b by Court Cave - Anshabella, Ballinagore (H)
Murphy, Denis Paul - ORANGE,white epaulettes; white sleeves; orange cap,white star
Handler: Murphy, Denis Paul
Jean Lecroix, 2012 g b by Lecroix (GER) - Country Time, Killeady (H)
O'Riordan, Mary - PINK,grey seams; pink sleeves; pink & grey qtd cap
Handler: Harding, Miss M.
Jeremy Central, 2014 g b by Jeremy (USA) - The Central Lady, Kilworth&Araglen (H)
Liam O'Doherty & Patrick Casey - RED,yellow stars; yellow sleeves,red stars; green cap
Handler: O'Sullivan, Kevin
Jeremy Pass, 2015 g b by Jeremy (USA) - Toulon Pass, Ballinagore (H)
Tobin, Derek - LIGHT GREEN & PINK HOOPS; light green & pink hooped sleeves; light green & pink hooped cap
Handler: Goff, Michael
Jeremy Sunshine, 2014 g b by Jeremy (USA) - Tarastar, Ballinagore (H)
Ryan, Anthony - WHITE,green chevron; white sleeves,green armlet; green cap,white spots
Handler: Murphy, Denis Paul
Jeremy's Crisis, 2014 g b by Jeremy (USA) - Lottorose, United Hunt (F)
Collins, J.A. - WHITE,black stars; white & black hooped sleeves; white & black hooped cap
Handler: Collins, J.A.
Jeremys Jewel, 2015 f b by Jeremy (USA) - Saucy Tess, Carlow Farmers (F)
Cobajay Syndicate - BLACK,red hoop; black sleeves; red cap
Handler: Fitzgerald, Aidan
Jerrymander, 2014 g b by Jeremy (USA) - Miss Mary Mac, Kildare (F)
Crowe, Tim - LIGHT GREEN; white sleeves; yellow cap
Handler: O'Sullivan, Ross
Jers Maid, 2015 f b by Jeremy (USA) - Benecash, Ward Union (S)
Poots, C.B. - EMERALD GREEN,white chevron; emerald green sleeves; emerald green & lilac check cap
Handler: Cromwell, Gavin
Jet Ranger, 2012 g b by Bushranger - Ellazaria (GB), Route (H)
Conway, Mrs P.J. - PINK,white hoop; pink sleeves; royal blue cap
Handler: Scullion, Daniel J.
Jetoile, 2015 g b by Jeremy (USA) - Accordingtoherself, Ballinagore (H)
Black, Richard - BLACK,red sash; black sleeves; black cap,red star
Handler: Black, Richard
Jetsdream, 2013 f ch by Mahler (GB) - Florello (GB), Stonehall (H)
O'Riordan, John - BLACK,orange disc; black sleeves; black & orange striped cap
Handler: O'Riordan, John
Jiggy With It, 2015 f ch by Sholokhov - Mountain Heather, Island (F)
Gahan, Liam - GREEN; brown sleeves; green cap,brown hoop
Handler: Gahan, Billy
Jimmil, 2014 g b by Milan (GB) - Garlucy, Carlow Farmers (F)
Conroy, Terry - WHITE,dark blue hoop; white & dark blue hooped sleeves; white & dark blue qtd cap
Handler: Fahy, P.A.
Jimmys Delight, 2011 g b by Marienbard - Indesha (FR), Dungarvan Farmers (F)
Power, Pat - WHITE,red spots; red & white hlvd sleeves; white cap
Handler: Flynn, Ms. Margaret
John Adams, 2014 g b by Presenting (GB) - Liss Alainn, Bree (F)
Milestone Racing Partnership - BLACK; green cap
Handler: Bowe, Colin
Johngus, 2014 g b by Arakan (USA) - Equation, Waterford (F)
Walsh, Derek - RED & BLACK HOOPS; yellow sleeves; red cap
Handler: Tobin, Alan
Johnny B, 2014 g b by Famous Name (GB) - Zoudie (GB), Muskerry (F)
Gallivan, Brian - RED,black epaulettes; black sleeves; black cap,red diamonds
Handler: Hartnett, Debbie
Johnny Mcgregor, 2013 g br by Coroner - Itsallaracket, Doneraile (H)
Fennessy, Ciaran William - YELLOW & BLACK STRIPES; yellow sleeves; black cap
Handler: O'Flynn, Paul
Johnny Sue, 2011 g b by Alkaadhem (GB) - Fahan, Carlow Farmers (F)
Murphy, William P. - LIGHT BLUE,white cross belts; light blue sleeves; light blue & white hooped cap
Handler: Murphy, William P.
Johnnys Edge, 2010 g b by Beneficial (GB) - Gleann Alainn (GB), Coolnakilla (H)
O'Brien, Caroline - WHITE,red chevrons; red sleeves,white stars; white cap,red star
Handler: O'Brien, Sean O.
Johns Choice, 2011 g b by Stowaway (GB) - Supreme Dollar, Shillelagh & District (F)
Kenny, Simon - YELLOW,emerald green braces; yellow sleeves; yellow cap
Handler: Walsh, John Edward
Julies Stowaway, 2014 g b by Stowaway (GB) - Julies Vic, Kilkenny(F)
O'Callaghan, Michael T. - ROYAL BLUE,red cross belts; royal blue sleeves; royal blue cap,red star
Handler: Mullins, Margaret
Juniper (GB), 2014 f b by Malinas (GER) - Prescelli, Tipperary (F)
Doyle, Mary - PURPLE,yellow diamond; purple sleeves; red cap
Handler: Doyle, P.M.J.
Junius Brutus, 2010 g b by Definite Article (GB) - Granuale, East Antrim (H)
L. Andrew & J. Birkmyre - RED & YELLOW HOOPS; yellow sleeves; yellow & blue hooped cap
Handler: Andrew, Lyle
Justhethreeofus, 2015 f b by Shantaram (GB) - Jeu Set Et Match, Killinick (H)
Berry, D.P. - LIGHT BLUE,dark blue stars; red sleeves; red cap,dark blue stars
Handler: Berry, M.J.

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