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A Decent Excuse, 2007 g b by Fruits Of Love (USA) - Brave Thistle, Duhallow (F)
O'Sullivan, Eugene M. - ROYAL BLUE & YELLOW QTD; royal blue sleeves; yellow cap,royal blue hoop
Handler: O'Sullivan, Eugene M.
A Ladies Milan, 2014 g b by Milan (GB) - Rag's Lady, Kildare (F)
Flood, Teresa - RED,black cross of lorraine; red sleeves; red & white striped cap
Handler: Flood, Peter J.
A Mill From Milan, 2013 f b by Milan (GB) - Newmills Fancy, West Waterford (F)
O'Keeffe, Dr Joseph - BROWN,red sash; brown sleeves; red cap
Handler: O'Keeffe, Dr Joseph
Abbey Jane, 2012 f b by Subtle Power - Another Advantage, Premier (H)
TWC Syndicate - RED,white star; royal blue sleeves; red cap,white star
Handler: Kelly, David Harry
Abeautifulchoice, 2014 f b by Tobougg - She'shadit, Co.Galway(F)
Collins, Darren - MAUVE; white sleeves,mauve seams; white cap
Handler: Collins, Darren
Abraham Darby, 2014 g b by Alkaadhem (GB) - Roseintheheather, Kildare (F)
Robinson, John F. - PINK; light blue sleeves; pink & light blue striped cap
Handler: Robinson, John F.
Accordingtogino, 2013 g ch by Perugino (USA) - Accordintomags, Galtee (H)
Purcell, Kieran - WHITE,red stars; red sleeves; white & red check cap
Handler: Purcell, Kieran
Achy Breaky Heart, 2014 f b by Milan (GB) - Hazy Outlook, Ballinagore (H)
Byrne, Shane C. - DARK BLUE,white star; white sleeves,dark blue armlet; black cap
Handler: Byrne, Shane C.
Ad Idem (GB), 2004 g b by Kayf Tara (GB) - Major Hoolihan (GB), Co.Galway(F)
Gavin, Pauline - PURPLE,white hoop; purple sleeves,white armlet; purple cap,white spots
Handler: Gavin, Pauline
Adamstown, 2008 g ch by Flemensfirth (USA) - Always Present, Mid-Antrim (H)
Dennison, W.W. - BLACK & WHITE QTD; black & white hlvd sleeves; white cap
Handler: McKeever, Colin S.
After Eight Sivola (FR), 2010 g b by Shaanmer - Eva De Chalamont (FR), Tipperary (F)
Curling, Peter - NAVY & GREY CHECK; white cap
Handler: Curling, Sam
Agolagh, 2014 f b by Getaway (GER) - Inghwung (GB), Mid-Antrim (H)
McKay, Kieran - LIGHT GREEN,black star; black sleeves,light green armlet; black & light green hooped cap
Handler: Quinn, Gerald
Ailisruby, 2013 f b by Acrobat - Bluespec Anna, Bray (H)
Ballydonagh Syndicate - LIGHT GREEN,orange star; light green sleeves,orange stars; orange cap
Handler: Lawless, Gerard
Airgead Suas, 2013 f b by Gold Well (GB) - Emmas' House, Bree (F)
Whelan, Jim - BLACK,orange sash; black sleeves; white cap,orange star
Handler: Pierce, Paul Martin
Ajay's Ways, 2014 g br by Stowaway (GB) - Beechfield Queen, United Hunt (F)
Clondun Partnership - LIGHT GREEN; light green sleeves; light blue cap,light green hoop
Handler: Ahern, Alan
Ajijic, 2009 g b by Bach - Wishbone Ash, Duhallow (F)
Crosse, Gerard P. - RED,orange seams; red cap
Handler: Leonard, Terence
Aleena, 2014 f b by Sans Frontieres - Fair Enough, Carlow Farmers (F)
David Moran & Rachel O'Neill - BLACK,yellow braces; black & yellow hooped sleeves; yellow cap
Handler: Hanlon, John Joseph
Alelchi Inois (FR), 2008 g b by Night Tango (GER) - Witness Gama (FR), Carlow Farmers (F)
McMahon, Luke - PURPLE,yellow chevron; purple sleeves; yellow cap
Handler: Mullins, W.P.
Ali The Greatest, 2012 g br by Acambaro (GER) - Lauras Dote, Derrygallon (H)
O'Connor, Charles J. - EMERALD GREEN,black chevron; emerald green & black hooped sleeves; emerald green cap,black spots
Handler: O'Connor, Turlough
Alice O'Byrne, 2014 f b by Vinnie Roe - De Verdict, Bree (F)
Kenny, Brian - BLUE & SCARLET HOOPS; blue & scarlet hooped sleeves; blue & scarlet hooped cap
Handler: Bowe, Colin
Alkaa Lion, 2009 g b by Alkaadhem (GB) - Ballynalty Bay (GB), Kildare (F)
McCreery, Peter - LILAC,white spots; lilac sleeves,white spots; blue cap
Handler: McCreery, Peter
Alko Rouge (FR), 2014 g b by Balko (FR) - Lavirca Rouge (FR), Ballinagore (H)
Baltimore Stables Syndicate - PURPLE,white seams; purple & white striped sleeves; purple cap,white stars
Handler: Doyle, Mary E.
All Ears, 2009 f b by Alkaadhem (GB) - Earless, Carlow Farmers (F)
Hennessy, Yvonne - RED & WHITE STRIPES; red & white striped sleeves; red cap,white diamond
Handler: Barcoe, James M.
All The Way West, 2013 f b by Westerner (GB) - Silver Palm (FR), Duhallow (F)
Murphy, Gerard John - ROYAL BLUE,white sash; white sleeves; royal blue cap,white star
Handler: Archdeacon, L.J.
Allbarone, 2014 g b by September Storm (GER) - Tippeenan Lass, Ballinagore (H)
Monbeg Syndicate - EMERALD GREEN,orange spots; white sleeves,orange spots; emerald green cap
Handler: Doyle, Donnchadh
Alloverafiver, 2010 f b by Mountain High - Thedollarlady, Co.Limerick (F)
O'Brien, Richard F. - RED; red,black diamonds sleeves & black diamond sleeves; black & red qtd cap
Handler: Halley, John
Alma Mahler, 2014 f ch by Mahler (GB) - Blackwater Bride, Coolnakilla (H)
Culloty, Pat - LIGHT GREEN,yellow cross of lorraine; light green sleeves; yellow cap
Handler: Barry, David R.
Alpha Male (FR), 2011 g b by Poliglote (GB) - Arzuaga (GB), Kildare (F)
Maher, Valerie J. - ORANGE,black chevron; orange sleeves; orange cap,black spots
Handler: Maher, Peter
Alvito (FR), 2014 g b by Confuchias - Top Country (FR), North Kerry (H)
Happy Valley Syndicate - BLACK,pink diabolo; black sleeves; black cap,pink diamond
Handler: Mangan, Michael M.
Amach An Bhearna, 2012 f b by Kutub - Sweet Confusion, South Westmeath (H)
Daly, Frank - YELLOW,emerald green diamond; yellow,emerald green diamonds sleeves & emerald green diamond sleeves; yellow cap,emerald green diamond
Handler: Gibney, Thomas
Amber Cool, 2013 g b by Shantou (USA) - Talkin Madam, Island (F)
Redmond, Patrick Joseph - PURPLE,gold spots
Handler: Kenny, Liam
American Image, 2008 g b by Lord Americo - Hilary's Image, Killultagh, Old Rock & Chichester (F)
Millar, S. Michael - ROYAL BLUE,red hoop; red sleeves; red cap
Handler: Millar, S. Michael
Amical Vinnie, 2014 g b by Vinnie Roe - Needle Nurse (GB), Carlow Farmers (F)
Cobajay Syndicate - BLACK,red hoop; black sleeves; red cap
Handler: Fitzgerald, Aidan
An Rinceoir Alainn, 2013 f b by Gold Well (GB) - Sun Chaser, Ballinagore (H)
Maher, Thomas J. - BLACK,orange chevron; black sleeves; black cap,orange hoop
Handler: Maher, Peter
Andante Allegro, 2014 f b by Alkaadhem (GB) - Kris Krystal, Duhallow (F)
Askthegirls Partnership - PURPLE,orange seams; purple sleeves,orange seams; purple cap
Handler: Harding, Richard
Angel Quest, 2010 g br by Kris Kin (USA) - Vickate, Ward Union (S)
Daniel Hand & Áine Ryan - EMERALD GREEN,purple chevron; emerald green sleeves; emerald green cap
Handler: McLoughlin, Dermot
Another Copper, 2014 f b by Yeats - Printing Copper, United Hunt (F)
Coffey, Donal - RED,emerald green cross of lorraine; red sleeves; red cap
Handler: Coffey, Donal
Another Frankie, 2014 g br by Waky Nao (GB) - Rock The Baby, Ballinagore (H)
Murphy, Catherine - GREEN & ORANGE CHECK; white & green hooped sleeves; white cap
Handler: Murphy, Bernadette A.K.
Another Island, 2009 g b by Turtle Island - Ramble Home, Westmeath (H)
Tormey, Thomas - BROWN,white sash; brown sleeves; green cap,brown spots
Handler: Tormey, Thomas
Another Tuco, 2013 g b by Westerner (GB) - Run And Dream, Shillelagh & District (F)
Patterson, Edel - ROYAL BLUE,pink diamond; royal blue,pink diamonds sleeves & pink diamond sleeves; royal blue cap,pink star
Handler: Farrell, C.W.J.
Anseanachai Cliste, 2008 g b by Bach - Susies Benefit, Tynan & Armagh (F)
McConville, Daire J. - RED & WHITE STRIPES; red sleeves; white cap
Handler: Lambe, J.J.
Anticur, 2012 g ch by Generous - Sharqogan, Mid-Antrim (H)
Patrick Kearns, Edward Kearns & Shane O'Grady - BLACK; light blue sleeves; green cap
Handler: Kearns, Pat
Antrim Town, 2014 g b by Arcadio (GER) - Topsham Belle, Mid-Antrim (H)
Dennison, W.W. - BLACK & WHITE QTD; black & white hlvd sleeves; white cap
Handler: McKeever, Colin S.
Any Time (GB), 2013 f b by Zamindar (USA) - Penchee (GB), Kildare (F)
O'Sullivan, Mrs. Anne - RED,white braces; red sleeves; red cap,white star
Handler: O'Sullivan, Ross
Apple Rock, 2014 g b by Royal Anthem (USA) - Wayward Cove (GB), Kilkenny(F)
Power, Ian Andrew - DARK BLUE & PINK STRIPES; pink sleeves; dark blue & pink striped cap
Handler: Power, Ian Andrew
Aracaras, 2014 g b by Wareed - Sara Cara, Duhallow (F)
Fitzpatrick, Jeremiah - PINK & BLACK DIAMONDS; pink sleeves; pink & black striped cap
Handler: Archdeacon, L.J.
Arans Choice, 2013 f b by Scorpion - Miss Greylands (GB), Killinick (H)
Walsh, Jenny - LIGHT BLUE & LIGHT GREEN DIAMONDS; light blue sleeves; light blue cap,light green diamonds
Handler: Walsh, Benny
Arbre De Vie (FR), 2010 g b by Antarctique - Nouvelle Recrue (FR), Co.Down (S)
Monaghan, J.T. - BLUE,yellow stars; blue & yellow hooped sleeves; blue & yellow hooped cap
Handler: McBratney, C.A.
Arctic Comet, 2014 g b by Arctic Cosmos (USA) - Ardkilly Comet, Macroom (F)
Tierney, Aine J. - EMERALD GREEN & ORANGE CHECK; emerald green & orange hooped sleeves; emerald green & orange check cap
Handler: Tierney, Ruaidhri Joseph
Arctic Skipper, 2009 g b by Flemensfirth (USA) - Coco Opera, Waterford (F)
Halley, Laurence V. - WHITE & RED HOOPS; white & red striped sleeves; red cap,white hoop
Handler: Halley, V.L.
Ardoyne, 2013 g b by Doyen - Castletown Girl (GB), Mid-Antrim (H)
Dennison, W.W. - BLACK & WHITE QTD; black & white hlvd sleeves; white cap
Handler: McKeever, Colin S.
Arrow Force, 2014 g b by Salutino (GER) - Windgap Wonder, Kilmoganny (F)
McCabe, Declan M. - WHITE,red star; purple sleeves; purple cap
Handler: Fenton, Philip
Art Of Logistics, 2008 g b by Exit To Nowhere (USA) - Sanadja, Ballinagore (H)
Monbeg Syndicate - EMERALD GREEN,orange spots; white sleeves,orange spots; emerald green cap
Handler: Doyle, Donnchadh
Arthur's Baby, 2014 f b by Oscar - Hazlewood, Co.Sligo (H)
McNiff, Mark Michael - BLACK,white seams; white sleeves; white cap
Handler: McNiff, Mark Michael
Ashbourne Allstar, 2012 f b by Scorpion - Phenics Allstar, Ward Union (S)
Lonergan, Timothy - BLUE,yellow cross of lorraine; yellow sleeves; blue cap
Handler: Rooney, Patrick
Ask A Honey Bee, 2014 g b by Ask (GB) - Pure Honey, Dungarvan (H)
Kiely, John P. - YELLOW,royal blue sash; yellow & royal blue hlvd sleeves; royal blue cap
Handler: McGrath, R.J.
Ask Cory, 2013 g b by Ask (GB) - Cruise Night, Co.Down (S)
Ivan G. Thompson & S.L. Ball - DARK BLUE,emerald green star; dark blue sleeves,emerald green diabolo; dark blue cap,emerald green star
Handler: McBratney, C.A.
Ask D' Man, 2014 g ch by Ask (GB) - Vie En Rose, United Hunt (F)
O'Connell, Mrs Margaret - GREEN,pink cross belts; green sleeves; green cap
Handler: O'Connell, Paul
Ask Freddie, 2014 f b by Fame And Glory (GB) - Tocane (FR), Tipperary (F)
Cummins, John G. - MAROON,grey diabolo; maroon sleeves,grey diabolo; grey cap,maroon diamond
Handler: Cummins, John G.
Ask Harry (GB), 2012 g b by Helissio (FR) - Lady of Spain (GB), Shillelagh & District (F)
Tom Power & Annette Lawlor - RED,royal blue star; red sleeves,royal blue stars; red cap,royal blue star
Handler: Rothwell, P.J.
Ask Heather, 2012 f b by Ask (GB) - Heather Belle, Coolnakilla (H)
O'Donovan, Michael T. - ROYAL BLUE,white hoop; royal blue sleeves,white armlet; royal blue & white striped cap
Handler: Queally, Declan
Ask Henry, 2013 g b by Ask (GB) - Miss Muppet, Kilkenny(F)
Mullins, Margaret - ROYAL BLUE; red sleeves; royal blue cap,red star
Handler: Mullins, Margaret
Askance (GB), 2012 g b by Passing Glance (GB) - Seaflower Reef, Ward Union (S)
Urban & Rural Boys Syndicate - ROYAL BLUE & YELLOW CHECK; royal blue sleeves; yellow & royal blue hooped cap
Handler: Coyle, Thomas
Askingforafriend, 2014 g b by Ask (GB) - Estuary Princess, Ballinagore (H)
Murphy, Denis Paul - ORANGE,white epaulettes; white sleeves; orange cap,white star
Handler: Murphy, Denis Paul
Astre De La Cour (FR), 2010 g b br by Khalkevi - Gracieuse Delacour (FR), East Antrim (H)
Raymond Scullion & Martin McGroggan - EMERALD GREEN,purple star; emerald green sleeves,purple stars; purple cap,emerald green stars
Handler: Crawford, S.R.B.
Atigun Pass (GB), 2014 g b by Native Ruler (GB) - H'Ella Petite (GB), Premier (H)
Keating, Tom - EMERALD GREEN,orange chevrons; emerald green sleeves; black cap
Handler: Keating, Tom
Atlantic Blaze, 2014 f br by Kalanisi - Maxis Girl, Co.Sligo (H)
McNiff, Mark Michael - BLACK,white seams; white sleeves; white cap
Handler: McNiff, Mark Michael
Atlantic Fairy, 2014 f b br by Jeremy (USA) - Tylensy, Premier (H)
Byrne, Michael J. - BLACK,pink hoop; black sleeves; black & white hooped cap
Handler: Byrne, Michael J.
Atomic Article, 2014 f b by Vinnie Roe - Atomic Winner, Killinick (H)
Murphy, Michael R. - RED & WHITE QTD; white sleeves; blue & red check cap
Handler: Murphy, Ashleigh
Attacotti, 2013 f b by Sandmason (GB) - Turbine Hill, Ballinagore (H)
Slevin, Elizabeth - RED,white panel; red & white striped sleeves; red cap
Handler: Slevin, S.
Austerity, 2013 g br by Elnadim (USA) - Royal Reprieve (FR), West Waterford (F)
Mangan, Eoin - BLUE,yellow sash; blue sleeves; yellow cap
Handler: Tobin, Alan
Avalon Sunset, 2014 f b by Where Or When - Suelena, South County Dublin(H)
Lacy, Thomas F. - BLUE,yellow cross belts; blue sleeves; blue cap
Handler: Lacy, Thomas F.
Avoid De Master, 2014 g b by Getaway (GER) - Tanit (GB), Killeady (H)
Three Dudes Syndicate - YELLOW; white cap
Handler: Tyner, Robert
Awaywiththedikler, 2014 f b by Getaway (GER) - Diklers Oscar, West Waterford (F)
O'Keeffe, Dr Joseph - BROWN,red sash; brown sleeves; red cap
Handler: O'Keeffe, Dr Joseph
Aweeminit, 2014 f b by Arcadio (GER) - Campanella (GER), East Antrim (H)
Ross, Mrs John B. - YELLOW,black diamond; yellow sleeves; black cap
Handler: Ross, Mrs John B.
Awesome Lady, 2009 f gr by Portrait Gallery - Creadon Head, Waterford (F)
Langan, Gerard M. - WHITE,emerald green diabolo; white sleeves,emerald green spots; white cap
Handler: Power, Paul

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