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Mr D. McGill (Rider) Appeal - Ward Union (S) Point to Point 17 February 2024

The Appeals Body, Mr N.B. Wachman (Chairperson), Mr Noel McCaffrey and Mr John Murphy convened at the Offices of the Irish Horseracing Regulatory Board on Friday, 1 March 2024 to consider the appeal of Dara McGill (Rider) following the decision of the Acting Stewards at the Ward Union (S) Point to Point on Saturday, 17 February 2024.

Following the running of the 5yo & Upwards Mares Maiden, the Acting Stewards found Mr McGill, rider of Mariposa Rose, in breach of Regulation 58.3.(h) in that he had used his whip with his arm being or appearing to be above shoulder height. Having considered his record in this regard the Acting Stewards suspended Mr McGill for two Point to Point racedays.

The grounds of appeal lodged by Mr McGill was that the Stewards on the day erred in their decision.

At the Appeal Hearing, evidence was heard from Mr McGill. The Appeals Body also watched a recording of the race.

In his evidence, Mr McGill stated that he did not make contact with his mount on each occasion. Mr McGill accepted that he lifted his arm above shoulder height but said that he refrained from making contact as he has been in breach of this rule previously.

Having considered the evidence, the Appeals Body dismissed the appeal and confirmed the sanction imposed on the day by the Acting Stewards. 

The appeal was presented by Mr McGill. The IHRB was represented Ms. Clíodhna Guy, IHRB Head of Licensing, Legal and Compliance. 


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