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J.M. Sheridan (Rider) Appeal – Dundalk 9th December 2022

The Appeals Body, Mr. Peter N. Reynolds (in the chair), Mr. Anthony Byrne and Mr. John Murphy convened at Naas Racecourse on Tuesday 20th December 2022 to consider the appeal of Joey Sheridan (Rider) against the decision of the Stewards at Dundalk on 9th December 2022.


On the day, following the running of division two of the William Hill Racing Apprentice Handicap, the Raceday Stewards enquired into an incident in the first furlong where it appeared that Leclerc, ridden by Siobhan Rutledge got tight for room and struck the rail. Having viewed a recording of the race and considered the evidence from riders, Ms. Rutledge, Mr. Sheridan, M.W. Hassett, Adam Caffrey and J. Coen, the Raceday Stewards found Mr. Sheridan in breach of Rule 214 in that he had ridden carelessly and having considered his record in this regard, the Raceday Stewards suspended Mr. Sheridan for four racedays.


The grounds of appeal lodged by Mr. Sheridan was that the Stewards on the day erred in their decision.


At the Appeal Hearing, evidence was heard from Mr. Sheridan and the committee also watched a recording of the race.


In his evidence, Mr. Sheridan explained that his mount was running keenly in the early stages and he was attempting to track Circles, ridden by P.A. Harnett, but had to check off heels. He stated that he was aware of three riders on his inside at all times and he left room for them but that Leclerc, ridden by Ms. Rutledge, had been slowly into stride and was attempting to make up ground at this point. Mr. Sheridan accepted that he did move across towards the inside but said that when the incident occurred he was approximately a length up and four wide of Leclerc and he didn’t make contact with any of the horses on his inside.


Having considered the evidence, the Appeals Body dismissed the appeal.


The case was presented by Mr. Michael Daly, IHRB Regulatory Legal Advisor.


Suspension Dates: 5th, 7th, 14th and 19th January


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