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Hegarty, S.J. - LIGHT BLUE,maroon star; light blue & maroon striped sleeves; light blue cap,maroon star (Fermanagh (H))

Entries by WINGED LEADER this season

13/11/21Co. Down (S)Open Lightweight Race
16/10/21Route (H)Open Lightweight Race
15/05/21Fermanagh (H)Open Lightweight Race
17/10/20Route (H)Open Lightweight Race
26/09/20Fermanagh (H)Open Lightweight Race
22/02/20Tynan & Armagh (F)Open Lightweight Race
08/02/20North Down (F)Open Lightweight Race
10/05/19Fermanagh (H)Winners Of Three - Geldings
22/04/19East Antrim (H)Open Lightweight Race
06/04/19Iveagh (F)Winners Of Three
30/03/19Route (H)Open Lightweight Race
23/02/19Tynan & Armagh (F)Open Lightweight Race
09/02/19North Down (F)Open Lightweight Race
03/02/19Wexford (F)Winners Of Three
27/01/19Scarteen (F)Winners Of Three
26/01/19East Down (F)Winners Of Two
09/12/18United Hunt (F) Clonmult/DungourneyWinners Of Two
11/11/18Wexford (F)Winners Of One
10/11/18East Antrim (H)Winners Of Two
27/10/18Co. Down (S)Maiden Race For 4-Y-O

Past results for WINGED LEADER

13/11/21Co. Down (S)Open Lightweight Race01DH Barry O'Neill12st 2lbs
15/05/21Fermanagh (H)Open Lightweight Race01 Barry O'Neill12st 2lbs
17/10/20Route (H)Open Lightweight Race01 Barry O'Neill12st 2lbs
26/09/20Fermanagh (H)Open Lightweight Race01 Barry O'Neill12st 2lbs
22/02/20Tynan & Armagh (F)Open Lightweight Race01 Barry O'Neill12st 2lbs
08/02/20North Down (F)Open Lightweight Race01 Barry O'Neill12st 2lbs
30/03/19Route (H)Open Lightweight Race02Barry O'Neill12st 2lbs
23/02/19Tynan & Armagh (F)Open Lightweight Race027L Barry O'Neill12st 2lbs
09/02/19North Down (F)Open Lightweight Race028L Barry O'Neill12st 2lbs
03/02/19Wexford (F)Winners Of Three01 Barry O'Neill12st 2lbs
11/11/18Wexford (F)Winners Of One01 Robert James11st 11lbs
27/10/18Co. Down (S)Maiden Race For 4-Y-O01 Robert James11st 11lbs
05/05/18United Hunt (F) BallindeniskMaiden Race For 4-Y-O074L Robert James11st 11lbs
28/04/18Newry (H)Maiden Race For 4-Y-O (DIVISION II)pu Harley Dean Dunne11st 11lbs
08/04/18Duhallow (F) DromahaneMaiden Race For 4-Y-O035L Robert James11st 11lbs

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