Seminar Video: Prohibited Substances - Managing the Risk


This Seminar was the second of three held in autumn 2018 across the island to highlight the causes of, and ways to prevent, post-race ‘positives’. It is primarily aimed at trainers as they are responsible for this under IHRB Rules of Racing but is also of relevance for Veterinary surgeons, stable staff, those in the horse feed/supplement sector and racecourses. 

Please click to view the video: Prohibited Substances - Managing the Risk

This Seminar provides insight into:-


This seminar was recorded on the 26th of September, 2018 at the offices of the IHRB.

The speakers in the video are:

Denis Egan (IHRB Chief Executive)
Lynn Hillyer (IHRB Chief Veterinary Officer)
Alan Dunlop (IHRB Veterinary Officer)
Nicola O'Connor (IHRB Veterinary Officer)

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