Turf Club 2011 Integrity Racing Statistics


Turf Club announce 2011 Integrity Racing Statistics

The Turf Club today, 1 March, 2012, announced its Integrity Racing Statistics for 2011. The statistics cover stewards’ enquiries, appeals, drug/alcohol testing of riders, drug testing of horses, licenses issued, non-runners, medical statistics, handicap ratings and off-times.

The key statistics are as follows:-

Commenting on the figures, Turf Club Chief Executive, Denis Egan, expressed concern at the overall fall in the number of licences issued.  He said “the falls are indicative of the problems that the industry is facing.  It is worrying that the number of trainers and jockeys licensed in most categories is now at 2004 levels and lower in some cases”.

With regard to apprentices he said that “the number of apprentices licensed is 20% lower than the peak in 2008 and that while the economy isn’t helping there are also difficulties in recruiting enough apprentices who are light enough to become riders.  The weight issue is highlighted by the increase in the average weight of flat apprentices who attended the continuous professional development course at RACE in the past two years which is now 8 stone 7 pounds”.

In relation to the drug testing of horses, he said that the Turf Club was “disappointed with the results as many of the positives found were avoidable.  A positive result is expensive for everybody connected with the horse.  In addition to a trainer being fined and losing his share of prizemoney, the owner and jockey will also forfeit any prizemoney won”.  He confirmed that the Turf Club regards this whole area as critical in ensuring the integrity of Irish racing continues to conform to the highest standards.  He said that there are plans to increase the level of testing again in 2012.  Click on attachment below for full list of Statistics