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Navan 12th April 2014

071A Navan Welcomes Owners Today H'cap

The Stewards fined A.J. Whelan, trainer, €350 for lodging a passport in respect of Toffee Tart (GB), in which the vaccinations did not conform with the provisions of Rule 91. The Stewards allowed the horse to run on receipt of the trainer's written assurance that the vaccinations were in order.

J.T.Gorman, trainer of Rigid Rock, reported to the Stewards' Secretaries that his charge got upset in the starting stalls

071F Come To The Family Day May 18th H'cap

C.D. Hayes, rider of Le Troisieme Gris, trained by J.T.Gorman, reported to the Stewards' Secretaries that his mount lost his action in the straight.

071G #20 Family Day Ticket (Fillies) M'dn

The Stewards received a report from Ion Hamilton , Turf Club Clerk of the Scales, regarding the fact that C.T. Keane , rider of Princess Tamay , weighed in at 1.7 lbs overweight. Evidence was heard from the rider concerned, who stated that he had a drink of water and had also facilitated the trainer by changing the girths after weighing out when it transpired that they were too loose on the filly. As a consequence of the evidence given by C.T. Keane, the Stewards further interviewed T.G. McCourt, trainer of Princess Tamay. He admitted that the original girth did not fit his filly and he changed for a smaller girth without informing the Clerk of the Scales. Having considered the evidence, the Stewards were satisfied that C.T. Keane was in breach of Rule 231 and they therefore suspended him for 1 raceday. The Stewards also found T.G. McCourt to be in breach of Rule 198 (vi) and cautioned him having taken into consideration some mitigating circumstances..

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