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Limerick 27th December 2013

The following trainer was fined €200 for the non-notification of a Veterinary Certificate in accordance with the provision of Rule 194(v) (vi):

Gordon Elliott for Shrapnel at Limerick 27th December 2013.

The Stewards authorised the following substitutions of riders at this meeting:

M.P. Fogarty rode Rue Hill (reserve), trained by Denis Hickey (Race 1).
D.G. Hogan rode New Phase (reserve), trained by A.J. McNamara (Race 5).
R. Loughran replaced P.F. Mangan on Ghareer, trained by J. Morrison (Race 3)(Injury).
K. M. Donoghue replaced P.F. Mangan on Charging Indian, trained by Andrew Slattery (Race 4)(Injury).
S. W. Flanagan replaced P.F. Mangan on Castle Wings, trained by James Joseph Mangan (Race 5)(Injury).

344A Roches Feeds M'dn H'dle

S.G. McDermott, rider of Stolberg, trained by A.J. McNamara, reported to the Stewards' Secretaries that his mount made mistakes at a couple of hurdles down the back and plugged on in the straight.

P.F. Mangan, rider of Battling Spirit, trained by Terence O'Brien, reported to the Stewards' Secretaries that his mount slipped up.

344C Goggin Buckley H'cap H'dle

The Stewards interviewed N.P. Madden, rider of Vincent Row, concerning his use of the whip in latter stages of this race. Evidence was heard from the rider concerned. Having viewed a recording of the race and considered the evidence the Stewards were of the opinion that N.P. Madden was in breach of Regulation 10 3. (g) by using his whip with the arm above shoulder height and Regulation 10 4. failing to give his mount time to respond and having taken his record into consideration suspended him for two race days.

The Stewards interviewed Rodger Sweeney, trainer, in relation to his horse arriving at the start without cheekpieces which he had been declared to carry, leading to the horse being withdrawn by order of the Stewards. Evidence was heard from the trainer concerned who accepted responsibilty for the oversight. Having considered the evidence, the Stewards found Rodger Sweeney in breach of Rule 194 (ii) by failing to ensure the declared headgear was worn by the horse and fined him €200.

344E Tim Duggan Memorial H'cap S'chase

The Stewards received a report from the Clerk of the Scales, P. W. Malone, that D.G. Hogan, rider of New Phase, weighed out two pounds overweight for this race. Having considered the report, given that the horse was a reserve and the weight required was light, the Stewards granted permission for D.G. Hogan to ride at two pounds overweight and took no further action.

344G Greenmount Events&Conf. (M)INH Flat Race

The Turf Club Veterinary Officer reported to the Stewards that a passport had not been lodged for Cloudy Rock, trained by Sean O. O'Brien, not less than one hour before the time fixed for the running of the race as required under Rule 90.
Evidence was heard from the trainer who apologised for his failure to lodge the passport in time as he had traffic difficulties on the way to the course which delayed his arrival.
Having considered the evidence the Stewards ordered the withdrawal of Cloudy Rock and fined Sean O. O'Brien €130.

Mr A. McCurtin, rider of Gracenkate trained by John J. Walsh, reported to the Clerk of Scales that his mount never travelled on the ground.

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