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Leopardstown 18th January 2015

The Stewards authorised the following substitutions of riders at this meeting:

A.J.Fox replaced D.J. Benson on Toocloseforcomfort, trained by Daniel G. Murphy (Race 1)(unwell)
K.C.Sexton replaced D.R. Fox on Angus Milan, trained by Noel C. Kelly (Race 2)(see report)
R. Loughran replaced P. Carberry on Owennacurra Milan, trained by Miss Mary Louise Hallahan (Race 6) (Injured)
K.C. Sexton replaced S.W. Flanagan on Railway Zira, trained by David Harry Kelly (Race 6) (Injured)

013A Leopardstown Membership (M) M'dn H'dle

The Stewards received a report from the Clerk of the Scales, Mr. P.L.Malone, that K.C. Sexton, rider of Teoleena, weighed in 1.6 lbs overweight. Evidence was heard from the rider concerned who stated that after weighing out, he changed his breeches and neck tie because of confusion over whether or not his sponsorship agreement was officially registered. Having considered the evidence and taken all the circumstances into account the Stewards reminded the rider of his future responsibilities in this regard.

013B Racecourse of the Year 2014 M'dn H'dle

The Stewards fined Derek Fox €200, in accordance with Rule 196, for failing to present himself to be weighed out on Angus Milan.

013D BoyleSports H'cap S'chase

J.J. Burke, rider of He'llberemembered trained by P.G. Fahey, reported to the Clerk of Scales that his mount burst blood vessells in running.

013E BoyleSports H'dle

The Stewards enquired into possible interference after the final hurdle involving Katie T, ridden by B.S. Hughes, winner and Modem (GB), ridden by R.M. Power, placed second, where it appeared Modem (GB) suffered interference. Evidence was heard from the riders concerned. Having viewed the recording of the race and considered the evidence, the Stewards were of the opinion that while interference did occur, they could not be satisfied that the winner had improved it's finishing position as a result of the interference and so they made no alteration to the judge's placings. They were, however, of the opinion B.S. Hughes was in breach of Rule 214 in that he had ridden carelessly, and having taken his record into account, they suspended him for two race days. Mr. John Murphy, Acting Steward, absented himself from this enquiry.

013F Leopardstown Club Members H'cap H'dle

D.N. Russell, rider of Memories Of Milan trained by John Queally, reported to the Clerk of Scales that his mount ran in snatches.

Miss Katherine Jane Harrison, trainer of Mireya, reported to the Office of the Governing Bodies on Monday 19th January that her charge was found to have mucus on his lungs post race.

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