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Killarney 12th July 2016

181C International Hotel Killarney H'cap

The Stewards received a report from the Clerk of the Scales, P.L. Malone, that Karen Reidy, rider of Grande Waltz (GER), had presented herself at scales to carry 2lbs overweight which had not been declared under Rule 195(i). Evidence was heard from the rider concerned who stated that she read some hours after the close of nominations of riders that she had secured the ride on Grande Waltz (GER). She added that she would have done the correct weight if she had prior notice of the riding arrangement. John Joseph Muphy, trainer of Grande Waltze (GER) and Master of Apprentice Jockey Karen Reidy stated that his initial intention was to nominate her for another one of his runners in this race which was allotted a higher weight but he changed his mind and she was not notified. Having considered the evidence, the Stewards noted Karen Reidy's explanation but found John Joseph Murphy to be in breach of R3(4) by nominating Karen Reidy where availability to ride had not been established before expiry of the time fixed for nomination of a rider and therefore fined him €150 having considered his good previous record in this regard.

181D McSweeney Arms Hotel (Q.R.) Race

The Stewards enquired into the running and riding of Pyromaniac, ridden by Mr P.G. McGuigan, and trained by A.J.Martin. Evidence was heard from the rider and trainer concerned. Mr P.G. McGuigan, stated that he was employed by A.J. Martin and was familiar with his mount Pyromaniac. He explained that he was instructed to jump his mount off and give him cover, let him travel and creep away until entering the straight where he was to do his best from thereon. He confirmed that he rode as instructed until his mount began to hang around the bottom bend and hung further to the left in the straight to the extent that his mount got unbalanced which in his opinion affected his overall performance. He added that he had used the whip down the left shoulder to try and straighten his mount but found this to be pointless. He felt that his mount was normal apart from the hanging and consequently he refrained from riding the animal to his maximum strength. He accepted that he had failed to report that his mount had hung as he was obliged by Rule 213. A.J.Martin, confirmed the instructions but elaborated on these by instructing the rider to ride three or four horses off the rail and to finish on the outside doing the best that he can. He explained that because of the riders inexperience he did not want the whip used behind the saddle. On viewing the video A.J. Martin expressed his satisfaction with the horse and rider until the closing stages but felt from then on that the rider should have hit his mount a few strong hits down the shoulder to pull him together and get him to straighten. He added that his horses had been under a cloud recently and ran this animal today to test the water without applying cheek pieces or blinkers which had been used in the past. He felt that a more experienced rider should have finished third. He accepted that he had failed to comply with Rule 213 by reporting at the first instance that his charge had hung during this race but had withheld the report as he knew that he was required at a Stewards enquiry. Evidence was also heard from Garry O'Gorman, Turf Club Senior Rules of Racing Handicapper. The Stewards also received a report from the Turf Club Veterinary Officer who stated that Pyromaniac was post race normal. Samples were taken for analysis. A.J. Martin informed the Stewards that he did not have his charge examined with an endoscope post race as he was satisfied with his well being including recent blood tests. Having viewed the recording of the race and considered the evidence, the Stewards were of the opinion that Mr P.G.McGuigan was in breach of Rule 212 by making insufficient effort and therefore suspended him for 7 racedays. They further found that Mr P.G. McGuigan was in breach of Rule 213 by failing to report at the first instance that his mount had hung and therefore cautioned him concerning his responsibility in this regard. The Stewards were of the opinion that A.J. Martin was in breach of Rule 212 by using the racecourse as a training ground and fined him €2,000 and furthermore suspended Pyromaniac for 42 racedays.

181F MC Group H'cap S'chase

The Stewards fined M.F. Morris, trainer, €350 for lodging a passport in respect of Bruff, in which the vaccinations did not conform with the provisions of Rule 91. The Stewards allowed the horse to run on receipt of the trainer's written assurance that the vaccinations were in order.

P.A. Gallagher, rider of Give Her Bach trained by Patrick Cronin, reported to the Clerk of Scales that his mount was unable to handle the slow ground.

D.N. Russell, rider of Shake It Up trained by J.T.R.Dreaper, reported to the Clerk of Scales that his mount ran keen during this race.

181G Bunkers Bar & Restaurant Novice S'chase

The Turf Club Veterinary Officer examined The Winkler, trained by Eoin Doyle, at the request of the Stewards and reported the animal to be post race normal.

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